Fable’s Day Off

Hey, did you notice something weird about the last week? We had an update around Valentine’s Day but nothing really “Valentiney” about it (unless you really loved that owl). I mean, usually we have something, like how we did Halloween posts for an entire month. Fable even streamed on their own channel on Christmas day.

So what gives?

Well, we did upload this “adorkable” comic dub video for “Milksop” and “Flirtation.” Milksop has my favorite punchline in any comic ever.

And all I read is webcomics, so that’s saying something.

But aside from that, one reason for silence was just that Fable and I took a day to chill. And by “chill” I mean we hiked up a mountain.

Remember: On 2/14/21, Fablepaint was taller than everyone.

Otherwise, we just been doing a lot of streams, dude. You like streams? Follow me down here.

We have our standard animation progress where we answer questions and discuss topical stuff like Texas’s power grid.

And then we also got some Shop Talk where we really get to nerd out. Our latest guests came in the form of Drawfee!

Or maybe I should say in the form of Lackadaisy cats because Tracy and Fable drew the crew in Lackadaisy style.

Big thanks to Julia, Jacob, Nathan and Karina for joining us this week!

Hope all of you get a day off, too. Thanks for following, watching, and reading!

Abyssinia! :3