Backerkit Blitz

Lackadaisy is back in a big way! It’s been five days since we launched our Backerkit for Season 1 plus books and plushes, and we’ve already blown well past our $750k goal to fund up to episode 3 for the Zib dunk fund. Or drunk fund. You see, I thought Fable and Tracy were asking for Zib to be “drunk” and “tanked” and, well, that was kinda my bad and honestly I didn’t think we’d get so much support so fast! I thought I’d be posting about a successful start, not that we’re already almost fully funded!

We’re at a million, fam!!! New stretch goals!

Everyone, thank you so much for your support as always. Please continue to support us until we can reach our full season goal. Spread the word, too, because the more hype, the more cool side projects we can do like the plush dolls.

Wonder how the rest of the Lackadaisy crew is doing? You can find out yourself! On our last stream, Tracy and Fable got to speak with Mordecai Heller (SungWon Cho), Rocky Rickaby (Michael Kovach), Sedgewick Sable (Bradley Gareth), and Viktor Vasko (Jason Marnocha). Check out the shenanigans they get up to and remember to subscribe to our channel as well.

Thank you for your support!

Abyssinia! :3