Interview with Zachary “Newt” Nall (Plus Pin and Poster Updates!)

Welcome welcome! First off, Little Daisy Cafe has a new FAQ page to clarify questions we’ve had about the film, the comic, and backer rewards. Give it a look-see! Turn your questions into answers!

Back in April, we had announced pre-orders for pins and signed posters. Well, guess what? They’re all ready to roll out! In mid-September, posters were all signed by Tracy J. Butler, Fable Siegel, and our amazingly talented voice actors.

Signed posters announcement

And as for the pin pre-orders, they turned out amazing and are ready to ship out. Just look at how the light reflects off the metal! Expect these soon as well.

And with that, we will now continue with part 2 of our crew interview series. I call this one “Lackacrew 2: The Newtening.” Enjoy!

IN A WORLD where computers rule the animation field, where every animator works on a tablet and 2D work is increasingly supported by 3D models, one man stands between order and chaos.

Zachary Nall, better known as “Newt,” was hired on as a 3D Modeler and tech support. Fable Siegel, the film’s director, said one reason Nall was hired in 2020 was because he was “especially good at models with high technical accuracy.”

But Nall’s story actually begins prior to the film or even the Kickstarter where he was (and still is!) Community Manager for the “Lackacord,” Lackadaisy’s Discord channel. Nall proceeded to be a supporting pillar both for the Lackacord fan community but for the crew as well. In an entirely remote production, his skills and assistance were invaluable and I count myself among those he has helped.

Upon interviewing Newt, it’s easy to see his passion not just for animation but for the people—artists and fans both—who make up the community.

When did you first come across Lackadaisy?

The Comic I found during a medical operation actually back in…..2015? And then really dove in at the Vol 2 announcement not too long thereafter. The film project I was brought in on the ground floor, way back in……pssh……late summer 2020? Time really flies.

What is your role in the film’s production?

A bunch of things! I’m our 3D prop, Vehicle, Set, and general layout artist, I’m our crew IT professional, I’m the Lackadaisy Community manager, with a bit of brand outreach on the side, a whole slew of stuff.

What led you here?

Oh man, where do I start…

Honestly my biggest inspiration for 3D art, especially when transposed into a 2D space, was Treasure Planet, and Disney’s Atlantis. They were, and still are, absolute masterpieces, and serve as a beautiful demonstration of the hybridization of mediums into a cohesive composition. It’s a travesty Treasure Planet was shadowed by Harry Potter that season, haha.

What has it been like working on the Lackadaisy film?

It’s been fantastic, hands down. Sure, Lackadaisy has hit a few of the commonplace speed bumps that all major indie projects clip, especially with such grand standards and expectations like the team here have. But working with a crew that is so fundamentally dedicated and personally invested…. we’re doing great things here. 

Anything lined up for the future?

A good friend and colleague of mine is working on getting his first webcomic, Cashmere Sky, off the ground, and I made a bunch of set items for that!

Meanwhile, I’m developing further in my technical design engineering career, so I’ve had to put my artwork on the shelf for the time being, but you can keep an eye out on my socials for any artistic pieces I share in the interim!

Big thanks to Newt for responding to the interview! Please look forward to more updates and interviews as film production builds up to its thrilling climax!