‘Rescuing the Rescues’ Charity Event

Tomorrow (Sunday 12/12)  we will be holding our 2021 Holiday Charity Stream, “Rescuing the Rescues,” from 1 pm to 9 pm EST. We’ll have special guest artists and voice actors dropping in throughout the stream to draw and perform in exchange for donations.

Shelter Friends and Saving St. Louis Pets are two of the many animal shelters that have been struggling after a difficult couple years of quarantine. Quite a few American families are not economically secure during this time, and some are unable to keep their pets even after the adoption boom last year. This, of course, causes a huge strain on shelters. Both organizations are running through their emergency funding, so we’ve decided it’s time to step in and help out.

We’re hoping to raise $15,000 total (that’s $7,500 for each organization) to help them carry on normal operations into 2022 and beyond. Join us for some fun times! And while we’re at it, let’s take care of those good, good kitties and puppies.


Shelter Friends

Saving St. Louis Pets