Who’s on First?

First thing’s first!

As of today, we count just a few of our limited edition shot glasses remaining. They’re sold out! Thank you so much! We’ll keep you apprised of when they begin shipping.

They include some beautiful packaging as well. A real collector’s item for sure.

Second thing’s second!

For those backers who are receiving art from Tracy Butler, much of it is finished and looks amazing. Truly ranging from “rad as heck” to “the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” and that’s saying something (I follow a lot of animal blogs). I’m sure you can locate the raddest and the cutest one if you look closely.

Third thing’s adorable!

Our plushie poll will close soon. If demand is high enough, this may be a future merch product. We’re just testing the waters. No idea who we’d plushify even, not until the poll results are done.

Don’t worry. Barbed Wire Mordecai plush isn’t real. He can’t hurt you.

And finally, for those of you who are just skimming the devlog for animation updates, I’m excited to report… that there’s only so much to report at this point. Most of what we haven’t announced that our team is working on is strictly hush-hush spoiler material. Our director, Fable, is publicly streaming any content that they’re working on; so if you want to see animation, the work stream playlist is the place to go.

And, of course, the most recent video uploaded this Sunday.

Some highlights from the first half of the stream:

  • Comic dub art
  • Mordecai sneering
  • Our roommate’s new lab mix puppy
  • Discussions about animal training
  • Mordecai sneering over his shoulder
  • Chat explains what Rock-a-Doodle is
  • Newt on pineapple pizza: “If it’s there, it’s not bad.”
  • Parasitic cone snails?
  • Rattlesnake Jake is the hottest chad
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And, in the meantime, you can also donate to our future shenanigans.

Last thing’s last!

Thank you much!

Abyssinia! :3