Sir, These are my Emotional Support Explosions

Merch day!!! Sound the alarms! Call the fire department!

That’s our boy, Rocky. He loves being the center of things (explosions, felonies, heists, t-shirts…).

Something he shares in common with Maya.

This Lackadaisy Firebrand print is available on Gumroad and wraps ALL the way around. It’s a bright, fiery t-shirt perfect for a hot day on the beach!

We also have a matte Serafine print for those who prefer to start the fires and enable the explosions. It’s available in four sizes from 8×10 to 16×20.

The last merch-related announcement is for anyone who pre-ordered signed copies of the Lackadaisy film poster. We are currently passing it around to the cast to be signed as this is being written. And fret not, dear reader! The beautiful illustration includes a magnificent explosion!

Pictured: A freshly-signed poster that will increase in both signatures and value by the end of the week.

And a COLOSSAL THANK YOU because we have, at this point, blown past 1 million views on the “Jazz Cat Dance Loop” Ivy Charleston video.

By the way, the film is indeed trucking along. Here’s a composited shot of the Little Daisy speakeasy with a few familiar and fresh faces.

Big thank you to Matt Pichette for all the hard work!

Finally, I’m happy to announce that in the next several weeks, we’ll be posting an interview series here on our devlog. Though there’s only so much of the behind-the-scenes we can share now, we’d like to spark some interest in the real-life people making the film a reality.

So stay tuned!

And even with so many these irons in the fire, we continue sharing the process with our animation streams.

In this episode, Fable, Tracy, and Nox discuss werewolves and “the widow Serafine” while Fable draws Ivy and Rocky in their getaway car.

Abyssinia! :3