Prohibition Edition

Welcome to Lackadaisy, where our refreshments (while less-than-legal) will certainly get your engine turning.

Rough animation by geneathan

It’s a place where the people are just regular people. And also they are cats.

In fact! Friends! Did you know…?

Lackadaisy is not actually the first medium to put the U.S. Prohibition and cats.together. Prohibition has ALWAYS been cats! 

But in order maintain originality, shouldn’t we present some non-feline character designs? Maybe a human? No, that’s too fantastical. How about an endemic North American scarab instead?

Meet our beautiful Goldsmith Beetle created by Fable Siegel.

Of course, we still have plenty of cats populating all the dark corners of the Lackadaisy Speakeasy. Here are some of the (non-backer) characters who will likely be deep in their illegal cocktails.

Speaking of dark corners, we’ve got the most private of booths. It’s a phone booth (You sure ain’t driving yourself home tonight!)

Background art by Eran Fowler

While you’re waiting for your ride home, how about checking out our new videos?

There is the usual YouTube fare. Our latest animation roughs. If you missed it, it’s a must-watch.

Not to mention our 3D artist, Newt,  just hosted a tutorial stream on modeling in Blender.

And (drumroll please) we now have a TikTok account! Go check it out!

Enjoy all the videos and come back here soon! We got a special fan art edition coming up next!

Abyssinia! :3