Pin and Tonic

Happy April! Two updates today!

Ivy pin. Click to give her a spin!
Rocky pin. Click to see him really shine!

First, our batch of limited edition copper pins and SIGNED posters are ready to purchase in the Iron Circus store. These are pre-orders for a limited run, so snag ‘em before you get outsnagged!

Second, we are cutting together a trailer for the film. No release date yet, but make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel and have notifications on. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

And in the meantime, we’re still streaming.

April Fool’s Day! The viewers shared jokes and Fable got pranked in Phasmophobia (heh heh)
Our most recent stream on Easter Sunday! More art. More games. More rubber hose animation of the band!

Abyssinia! :3