The Cat Distribution System

Lot of updates to go over!

First, I want to speak to all of you joining us for the Streamily book signing. Okay, listen. There’s two main things you need to know:

  1. Tracy Butler will sign books and Belsheber Rusape (Freckle) will sign prints live
  2. It’s on June 8th
  3. It’s gonna be fun

You can order pre-signed books off of Streamily directly, too. Also available are prints signed by Michael Kovach (Rocky), Benni Latham (Serafine), and Walter Vitola (Horatio)!

Just want a unsigned copy of Lackadaisy Volume 1? Easy! Find it on Amazon!

Last, let’s clarify the situation with Lackadaisy merch. There are no Chevron pins left to order, but we still have some remaining Three of Clubs pin sets after fulfilling pre-orders. They’re very limited in stock, so get them while you can!

Now the urgent business is out of the way, please sit back and enjoy the newly released trailer for Lackadaisy’s next animated short, “Ingenue.”

As disclosed in the video, this animation will be set about six years before the events of the main narrative. Get ready for a small dose of backstory!

And speaking of the main narrative, we recently wrapped voice recording with the cast for all of season 1! Special thanks to Hamed at Melody Gun Studios for making us feel welcome and ensuring the whole process went as smooth as possible.

Unlike the pilot, we were able to get the cast together to perform live. Not all of the actors were able to make it, but we were able to record with us remotely, so they too were there in (digital) spirit. We all got to have a little downtime for Korean BBQ at night too!

Coincidentally, we also had difficulties with feral cats showing up in Fable’s backyard as we were hosting some of the crew, so they became unexpected house mascots. If you live around Los Angeles and want a kitten or want to donate for their care, I can vouch for two kittens that had their litterbox scooped by Tracy Butler and Fable Siegel.

We’ve got pretty much everything and everyone in place, so Lackadaisy season 1 has gone from pre-production to production mode! Personally, I’m stoked for what’s ahead.

Abyssinia! :3