We’re serving up a short(stack) update today!

First, I’m excited to announce our fourth animation roughs video for acts 1, 2, and 4. This one features Mitzi clips, but I will say no more. Go watch it!

We also set out this week to answer the age-old questions: flap-pers or flap-jacks? Popular pancake artists, Dancakes, responded in turn: “Why not both?”

And we got this wonderful stream where Tracy and Fable answer questions about the comic, the film, pancakes, and weird facts about possums, all while Dana works her magic.. We had a lot of fun together and maybe you can make a Rocky of your own hot off the griddle!

Or, if you’re not so skilled as to make cartoon cats out of pancake batter, then you can always visit Dancakes on their site or Youtube channel. They will actually sell and send you preserved pancake art, which I didn’t even realize was a thing until just this month.

On the other hand, you can always support Rocky’s pancake habit directly by donating to our paypal.

Happy breakfast or whatever you’re having in your timezone!

Abyssinia :3