When the Cats Go Marching In


Getting out my megaphone and putting everyone on blast now:

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But hey, sometimes a beautiful thing takes a little time. I mean, just look at these bookplate illustrations!

Now, a little recap on what you may have missed last month.

Cute Valentine’s art of Ivy and Freckle by Tracy Butler
Some Zib art by Fable Siegel celebrating the drunk-and-alone shadow side of Valentine’s Day.
If you haven’t heard, there’s a new cat Pokemon starter in town: Sprigatito. Tracy had some fun and threw a classy hat on that grassy cat.

And as we continue to stomp through March, we march that much closer to the film’s release. Allow me to share with you one more breadcrumb along the way.

Oh, but one more exciting announcement before we march away! I’ll let our publisher, Iron Circus Comics, take it from here…

Abyssinia! :3