Post-Backerkit Checklist

Sketches of Ivy’s dad, Ruby, for the upcoming mini-episode

We’re excited to say that pre-production is starting with a mini-episode to start. We want future Lackadaisy content to release without any hiatuses (hiati?). The script is almost done and we just had a table reading with the cast and will be recording this week. Season 1 is currently in the drafting process, but we’ll be doing the same process when it’s done.

That’s all I’ll say on that. Everything else is hush hush top secret (for now).

This was mentioned on the Iron Circus Crowdfund Roundup, but the Three of Club pins are shipping out! As for the Chevron pin set, here’s the official notice from Spike on that:

So the situation here is that the “Three of Clubs” pin sets are done and will be shipping out soon, but there was a production error with the “Chevron” pins where the design was inverted: The bits that were supposed to be raised are recessed, and vice-versa. And that’s not good enough. So we’re having the whole run re-struck by a different manufacturer. We’re really sorry about the very extended wait, but you folks deserve to receive the design you paid for!

Oh, and don’t forget about the Backerkit plush poll! You’ve got until Friday the 29th and then the fate of soft, squishy Lackadaisy dolls is sealed forever! And by “fate,” I mean production schedule. I have no doubt that if they’re popular enough, we’ll come out with more.

Let’s see. Did I forget anything else Backerkit-related..?

Oh yeah, right! I’m going to be starting next week as a customer service representative for Iron Circus. So if you have any questions about the merch at all (or anything else related to your Backerkit), give me a hollar at the [email protected] email. I’ll try to be as civil as possible. Scout’s honor! (I was only a Cub Scout but that probably still counts, right?)

We had a delightful Lackadaisy Shop Talk on Sunday with the Monkey Wrench’s animation team, Joshua “Zeurel” Palmer and Ash “Tito” Palmer.

Fable busted their handsome face all over the sidewalk, not to mention spraining their left pinky. Thankfully, they were heading to the doctor’s and this was right after the Backerkit, so I don’t know if that was good luck or bad luck.

Do you have any Japanese friends? Family? Pen pals? Buddies who are trying to absorb kanji through osmosis any way they can?

Well, you can now watch the Lackadaisy Pilot with Japanese subtitles! We’re slowly working on languages and we do have a fairly strong community of Japanese fans. Here’s to you!

*feverishly types into a Japanese translator* Uhhhh… Tanoshimi kudasai! (nailed it!)