Plushies and Pancakes is booming with soft little guys and gals. We’re now stocking Freckle and Ivy plushies! They’re soft and little, but just big enough to give good hugs.

The two are also featured in our new dance video. The first one was Ivy vibing by herself. Looks like she wanted a dance partner this time!

We also have a little cat partner who has joined our crew. Everyone, meet Fable Siegel’s new kitten, Dirac!

Drawing by Fable Siegel

He already has fan art, too! Thanks, ScarletForce!

He’s still a little bitty kitty in training, but he’ll be serving as our “Brand Ambassador” for future merchandise photos. It helps us give the merch some size perspective and a lot of extra cute cat! And who doesn’t love that?

Last, we got a little secret announcement! If you recall, we released a hidden video on our character page last year somewhere around the first day of April (it was made public seven months ago).

Well! I say to you




If you mosey on over to our character page now, you may find a little something different we’ve got cooking on the griddle there.

Good luck and Abyssinia! :3