Freckle’s Divine Comedy

This week, we torment Calvin “Freckle” McMurray. You all know the rules? We drag the boy through the nine circles of Hell, as outlined by 14th-century poet, Dante Alighieri.

Let’s begin!

Circle 1: Limbo

Here we see the mild discomfort of our victim, Freckle. The animation below is actually a study on how Rocky and Freckle would blink. As you can see, Freckle is awash in misery even just existing. Poor dude.

Animation/character exploration by @mookietamara

Circle 2: Lust

Next, Freckle is greeted by a magical girl who may actually just be a cat. But isn’t he also a cat? The uncertainty causes Freckle to hyperventilate.

Fun animation test by @ManuMercurial

Circle 3: Gluttony

Pancake break! Nothing terrible here, unless Rocky gets ahold of them again…

Circle 4: Greed

Surprise! It’s a draft of the Kickstarter poster!

Movie poster preliminary sketch
I don’t know about Freckle, but I want to get my hands on the final version. It already looks gorgeous! Gimme!

Circle 5: Anger

We hand Freckle a gun.

Baby to demon in 10 frames or less!
Character exploration test by Nick

Shucks! Almost got him, friends! Better luck next time!

Circle 6: Heresy

Freckle encounters an adorable version of Mordecai, which (let’s be honest) we all know is heresy. Mordecai isn’t supposed to make us go “Awwww!” He’s supposed to make us go “Oh no! Don’t stab that!” or “Oh yes! Don’t ever stop stabbing!”

Part of the sticker pack @kazoodlekatdood (that is a super-cute image, though)

Circle 7: Violence

In this circle have a Serafine sheet. If there was an avatar of violence, you bet your life it would take the form of this ferocious Francophone feline.

Credit: L. Frostad (@its_Shenanigan)

She would probably look something like this.

Cool down doodle by Fable Siegel @fablepaint

Circle 8: Fraud

We offer Freckle a cool glass of water.

That’s not water, Freckle! It’s illegal alcohol! Ha!

(to be honest, I don’t know why fraud is all the way down at circle 8… it’s actually kind of a lame sin)

Circle 9: Treachery

What is circle 9? You’ll have to find out next week! TREACHERY!

(Honestly, I think Dante ran out of ideas after circle 7…)

No, I’m kidding. I’m not going to withhold project updates from you. That would be cruel. Actually, I did get permission to share this one outtake from Bel Rusape (the voice of Freckle).

Ha ha. Kids these days.

But you know what would be Heaven for poor, tormented Freckle? If you, in good faith, were able to donate to the Lackadaisy coffers.

Bless you! And I hope, unlike Freckle, you don’t descend into bizarrely-written metaphors for the sins of man. Unless it’s hot where you live. In which case, Circle 9 might feel refreshing.

Abyssinia! :3