2 Million!!!

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Please double check that your payment has gone through and that your bank has not blocked your payments for any reason (some banks are overly careful about crowdfunding). You have until the end of September 6th to resubmit your card number or otherwise update your payment method.

Zib’s full Backerkit Booze-O-Meter saga

At the end of our campaign, We received two million USD from you all. Two. Million. Y’all!

If you were to get, say, a $5 hamburger for every meal for every day, that would feed you for about 182 years (not considering inflation). Thankfully, we’re not using this money to feed hamburgers to an immortal. Instead, we’ll be paying all our cast and crew fulltime wages to make a cool gangster cat cartoon series! But, you know, maybe some hamburgers will be involved somewhere. Gotta eat!

Here’s the full stream btw! If you don’t have six hours to kill, try skipping to the last 30-odd minutes if you want the most unhinged parts. Our goal was reached about 15 minutes before the Backerkit ended, so you can imagine how manic everyone was with just minutes to spare.

If you missed the YouTube notifications, we also released a few videos this last month. Of course, you’ve probably seen the Season 1 Trailer on the Backerkit homepage. But if you haven’t…

We also released our “Liquid Gold” music video by PARANOiD DJ and featuring the voices of Michael Kovach (Rocky), Belsheber Rusape (Freckle), and Lisa Reimold (Ivy).

Last but not least is the “Gottfried Cut” outtake, which (if you solved the April Fools scavenger hunt) you may have watched as a private video a few months ago. Well, it’s public now. Enjoy!

Now that the fundraiser is over, we are going to recover from what was a wild and emotional month for many of us. Then we’re going to try to get back to a normal schedule (future Shop Talks being planned!).

Thank you all so, so much. We’ll all work hard to return the favor.

Abyssinia! :3