It’s Basically Halloween

It’s here! It’s here! October is here! And also part 2 of our animation roughs reel!

I like to think that the animation notes at 0:23 are what’s going through Rocky’s head at any given time.

Our animators and artists are all working hard to breathe life into the film! Hopefully, nobody’s fictional or otherwise is having a breakdown.

See? Mel says it’s fine.

Speaking of our talented and hardworking, here’s a gif by Zebirdbrain of some of the high-stakes action you can expect from the finished film.

Frostad has finalized the character designs for the gentlemanly Mr. Sable.

“Wick” to his booze buddies

Rocky now has a violin case to haul around thanks to Kayla Stith.


And thanks to background designer, Kasettetape, we also have a closer look at the the car interiors.

Had that “new car” smell almost a century ago
Original boards by Ashley Green.

And what are we doing for Halloween proper, you ask? Well, we have to keep some of the details a surprise. But here’s a clue: below is a behind-the-scenes image of our sound design process where sound designer M Gewehr collecting spooky dinner party noises for some upcoming comic dubs.

It will be a fright to remember!
(tbh it’s probably going to be uploaded during the day, but I’ve always wanted to say that)

The team is also getting in on the holiday fun. Lackadaisy werewolves is the current theme…or is it werecats? Catwolves?

And in case you missed it, we had an extra-fun video uploaded last month: in-character Uno night with special guest Nick Nocturne of Night Mind! Also featuring the amazing talents of Ashe Wagner (Mitzi/Nina), Bel Rusape (Calvin), Brad Gareth (Wick), Mike Kovach (Rocky), Malcolm Ray (Nico), and Jason Marnocha (Viktor).

There was one round that went for over 50 minutes and everyone stayed in character the whole time. It was a delight!

Oh! And if you would like to support our team’s artistic endeavours, please consider donating to our PayPal. We are still working on our final stretch goal, an animated music video featuring Sepiatonic. Wish us luck!