Lackadaisy Volume 1 Reprint (and Other Fall Announcements)

Something wicked (awesome) this way comes.

Some old thing scratching and tapping behind the screens, a hint of something larger looming, growing, awaiting its consequential birth…

Okay. I’ll get to the point—We got some October announcements!

Iron Circus will be printing Lackadaisy Volume 1 with this all-new, absolutely gorgeous cover. Watch out for its 2022 arrival! It will be here scary fast!

Just trying to survive out there? Pick up this motivational poster on Gumroad and let Freckle remind you that we are all on the razor’s edge between doom and salvation. Hang in there, honey! You got this!

And we got our sights set for Reno, Nevada this weekend!

If you’re in the area, don’t miss it! Look for the big “Fablepaint” sign and speak with the director yourself (and buy some cool merch).

Remember last year’s Halloween dubs? They remember you.

But if you’re looking for content that’s a little fresher, there’s also our recent Shop Talk with JelloApocalypse.

And our latest animation stream. It’s a little spooky if you hate to see Mitzi walk away.

That’s it for now. If we don’t see you at BLFC, have a safe Halloween!

Abyssinia! >:3