Waiting for the Show

The next animation reel is here! We’re dancing around the more climactic moments, so nothing too spoilery. Everything’s just getting a little more colorful.

Taking the car out for a spin. Nothing shady.

But before all that, Let’s check to see if the band’s ready. Here’s an act 4 board. Doesn’t look like they’re ready to play yet…

Art by Adder, Layout by Newt

Ben can’t leave his double bass’s side. It’s probably worth more than his entire wardrobe.

While we’re waiting, let’s go to the garage, hit the lights…

Art by Cindy Zhi

…and check on the car. It’s been a long night. (Who was driving this thing?)

Art by Frog

Now, let’s kick back and check how the animation’s been going. Already subscribed? Already watched it? This one’s good, though! Let’s watch it again.

After all, the band’s still tuning. The show hasn’t started. Might as well. One more time…

Just enough to keep that excitement train going. It’s been a long night, after all. I think we’ve all earned a little music.

Abyssinia! :3