Casting/Hiring and Design Updates (Bonus: 3D Dancing Rocky Shenanigans)

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Clint Pereira, a production assistant and the writer of this (and future) devlogs. And let me tell you, there’s a lot to write about. Our artists having been keeping plenty busy this week.

First of all, our voice casting is complete! *cue the party horns and confetti* We had an amazing lineup and some strong competition. A sincere thank you to everyone who applied! Now, without further ado…

The Cast List:

RockyMichael Kovach
IvyLisa Reimold
FreckleBelshaber Rusape
MordecaiSungWon Cho
NicodemeMalcolm Ray
SerafineBenni Latham
WickBradley Gareth
MitziAshe Wagner
ViktorJason Marnocha
ZibValentine Stokes

That being said, we are currently still seeking animators and cleanup crew. For more info and directions, visit my original posting here:

Rate: $52 per second, up to 10 seconds per week. Work weeks July through November of 2020.

Our board artists have been working hard on the thumbs now that the script has been finalized. Fable has completed the thumbs for Act 1, which you can preview here.

Pictures of thumbs from Act 1

And Lackadaisy is forming out of the primordial ooze this week. We want to make sure we capture the scale of the once-booming speakeasy.

Little Daisy Lounge and Stage
If you say Victor’s name into an empty glass three times, he appears behind you

In glorious 3D, too. Our rendering images will help us stage some grade A debauchery.

Little Daisy 3D Set (Audience Side)
Little Daisy 3D Set (Stage Side)

Our character designer, Tai, has also been working hard last week to bring us these new Zib, Nicodeme, and Serafine sketches. Although everything here is in progress, I’m personally excited to see the Savoy siblings get fleshed out for production.

Zib with notes
The Cajun Gator
Serafine roughs

Speaking of animation, we have a surprise in the form of our maquette, “Gumby,” whom Fable roughly modelled off Rocky. Newt then rigged him up for a one-of-a-kind performance.

Please put your hands together for our lovely wip Gumby Cat.

Voice of an angel

That’s all for now! Check us again next week for another update. And consider tossing the production a few dollars via our helpful Paypal link.