The Drunken Tartakower

New Lackadaisy video featuring Mordecai and Viktor playing chess! It gets a little heated.

Fun Fact: I saw some YouTube commenters starting to sleuth this out, but the board was set up to emulate the turning point in a historical Tartakower match. The king and queen pieces got swapped during production though (whoops!). Perhaps we’ll call this strategy the Reverse Tartakower?

The animation, however, is smooth as ever. Big thanks to Sam Kessler and BMBrice for these gorgeous roughs.

Mordecai and Rocky plushes are now available to everyone at

We’ll be releasing more merch as soon as Backer rewards are fulfilled, but you can get your hands on the first Lackadaisy plushies right now!

Speaking of merch, here’s an update on the long-sought-after Lackadaisy pins: the Three of Clubs pins are shipping out as I type this. Chevron pins should follow them soon, but we have not received them into the Iron Circus warehouse yet. We’ll ship them as soon as we do!

If you didn’t know, a few of our crew went to Further Confusion last month! We were accompanied by Rocky VA Michael Kovach along with “Puppet Rocky” created by the amazing Tina Roland (who scolded us a little for not brushing the puppet out before taking photos–sorry, Tina! And thanks for helping us bring Rocky to the con!).

Here is Puppet Rocky brushed and freshly fabricated.

And that’s all for now! In the meantime, enjoy your week and reward yourself with this “Lackadaisy Stratagem Ambiance” upload! A good one for any nap playlist.

Abyssinia! :3