The Fans Have Been Busy

This month, we were jazzed to show off our compositing sneak peek video.

You may also be happy to find that we have new Gumroad merch. Feast your eyes on a beautiful matte print of Freckle deep in his element–heroic uncertainty.

Pictured: Plucky existential hero or anxious errand boy?

We also made another big announcement during our Lackachat Anniversary Bash! After huge amount of time and hard work from Newt and a team of dedicated Lackacord community members, we have the Minecraft server up and running.

Server footage starts at 47:20. I also recommend the Gartic phone footage in the second half–I was cry-laughing.

While you’re here, let’s take our own tour of the server:

It’s a St. Louis block party!
Fox Theatre? More like Box Theatre! Heh…

And outside the city, a big slice of world at large: farms, swamps, and the invigorating smell of adventure.

To partake in the Minecraft server, first join the Lackacord Discord channel. Then, click on the #Lackacraft channel and follow the pinned instructions therein.

We continue to host our popular weekly draw-and-game streams. Feel free to join us! On this latest stream, Fable animates the piano for Tracy’s rubber hose band, and the gang plays Observation Duty.

Thank you muchly for your time and dedication, everyone! Abyssinia! :3