Valentine Fan Art Special

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! What greater way to celebrate than with a new mini-comic about Wick’s love of all things sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic…

Today, we’d like to shine the spotlight on the love our fans have given us in this latest fan art feature. We accept all forms of fan appreciation, but not all of them can be pinned to a refrigerator or a devlog.

So, who do you love? Let’s start with Mordecai Heller. Or, rather, let’s start with @Sqwdink’s OC, Jenni, taking a lovey-dovey stroll with Mordecai. 

At least one of them is having a blast here.
Credit: @Cat_Cosplay. We love to see it!

Now, who here loves our little lady of the Little Daisy, Ivy Pepper?

Or Rocky! How about Rocky being a soft, good boy?

On this Valentine’s Day, please don’t forget the most important person to love is yourself. Thank you to Lackacord member Chai for reminding us!

And how about a little love for Freckle to top it off? He deserves it.

But since it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s get to what the holiday is really about: couples and group fan art!

Last but not least is our very own Kaz with a wonderfully Valentine-themed image.

If you go by the strictest definition, this is crew art. But I’ll allow it on a cuteness technicality! Thanks, Kaz ❤️

Oh, and one more thing!

Last Friday, we hopped on to draw rubberhose Mitzi and play some Super Auto Pets. Watch our last one or join us for the next one! Love ya either way!

Abyssinia! :3