First Course and Some Light Entertainment

Once upon a time, I worked as a dishwasher where I usually started my shift hours after prep work had begun for dinner rush. The amount of work that goes into the kitchen before people even start coming in is, quite frankly, insane. And by my watch, that dishwasher shift is just about where the Lackadaisy team is at in production right now (meanwhile, I’m probably finding parking where I won’t get ticketed).

What do I mean by that in animation terms? I mean that we are on schedule with the completion of our story boards and character designs. Our animation prep work will be pretty much done (or it should be by the end of the week).

Horatio’s character sheet is done.

Cute as a button

Freckle is done.

Looking not unlike a bug’s ear

Rocky is well on his way.

It’s exciting as heck. I’m looking through the boards right now and if I scroll through them really fast, it almost looks like a movie. I mean, there’s all of the animating and literally everything else left… but we’re heating up the pans for that beautiful main course right now!

And the boards are just so good, you guys! The boards are so good that I can take a handful of most recent images submitted and make a Casablanca-style trailer out of them. And you know what? Why not? I’ve got time.

Have some appetizers, courtesy of the chefs! Specifically, these are boards taken from Kelly Turnbull (@coelasquid), Fable Siegel (@fablepaint), and Ashley Green (@AshGMonstrology).

(For reference, read in this voice:

St. Louis, city of hope and despair! Located in Missouri in the Midwestern United States!

The meeting place of adventurers, fugitives, criminals, refugees—lured into this danger-swept oasis by the hope of selling illegal booze at a profit!

But they’re all trapped, for there is no escape!

Against this fascinating background is woven in the story of an imperishable love!

Every shipper’s face right now

And the enthralling saga of six desperate people, each in Lackadaisy to keep an appointment with destiny!

[Title card! Applause!]

And before you go, please consider donating for that scrumptious dessert at the end. We are still accepting donations to meet our final goal, a music video featuring Sepiatonic.

Any amount will grant you a link to the finished animated short!

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Bon appetit! :3