Take a Look at These Mugs

We’ve got a special treat for you and it comes right down to a bunch of pretty faces. I have teaser for you in the form of our first six faces in our emoji pack. The entire 50 will be revealed soon and are all drawn by the amazing KazoodleKat (https://twitter.com/kazoodlekatdood).

Nicodeme, Serafine, Freckle, Ivy, Mordecai, and Rocky

We’re getting down to the faces this week, friends, and some of them have the mug of a perfectly sane, sensible person.

Not far from my high school yearbook photo tbh…

Here’s the full reference page for Rocky’s expressions as drawn by our character designer, Tai. This page is focusing on getting that mouth just right. There are some real gems in there.

Mid-right is my driver’s license pic. I’ll let you guess which one.

There are also some fun Freckle and Zib faces, too. More to come.

These faces are kissable if you’re creative enough.
No creativity necessary for these.

And yes, I know these are all dreamy faces. But you know who’s Mr. Dreamboat? These fancy Wicks!

There’s just something about a crooked smile.

They were sketched out by Fable this week, and who doesn’t love a posh cat with a smug mug? And speaking of mugs, how about… bottles (just pretend that was a clever transition).

Nerd Fact! Prohibition and rum-running led to alcohol bottles carrying the label “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle” until the mid-60s.

Our 3d modeller, Newt, has been working on the bar set. Even more, he’s been working with the animators this week to make sure the 3d assets are perfect for them. To give an example, here are some cameras Fable has set up for the railroad tracks (you may remember them from the Kickstarter trailer).

The little bits of geometry floating around are all cameras for this particular set piece.

These cameras are going to show us every angle of the crew’s increasingly-concerned faces as they get into a lot of dumb shenanigans.

This is basically our entire plot condensed in one image.

In fact, we have a clip of the Lackadaisy’s little Fordor zipping around the set.

Not gonna lie. This is probably the coolest thing about modern animation.

Know what else is cool? Donating to good causes. This Sunday, we hosted a Lackachat on Discord where we were fundraising for the organizations protesting the death of George Floyd. Please consider donating to them if you have the means.

Thank you. Bless you. Stay safe out there.

Abyssinia! :3