Script, Testing, and Music Video Update

Script final draft is a go! Tracy and I have put the spitshine on the script we’re weaving together. With the script at final, we’ll be able to do handouts to board artists and prepare voice actors for first round of recordings.

snippet of script

Tests are being conducted to determine the proper pipeline for going from boards, to blender, to toonboom.

I could conceptualize the look and process, but still needed hands on experience for execution. So I set up a simple scene full of primitives and applied the many tutorials on Grease Pencil (inside Blender 2.83) to make an animation that stuck to the little cube I had drift into the shot.

Some Grease Pencil was just used to get a sense of how animations could be integrated (the foreground silhouette, the dust particle drawing, the bouncing “car” graphic stuck to the side of the cube). But the Grease Pencil cat object was the real star. I just had to export the footage with and without it and use the rough animation as a guide inside Toonboom.

Cat grease pencil object drawn over in Toonboom

Speaking of Blender, our 3D modeller Newt and background designer Frog have been working together to build layouts for our boarding team. Testing has thus far been fruitful!

Deus rex machina

Pre-building sets means the board artists should have more flexibility when choosing their shots. The nightmare note “I like this, but what if it was all from a different angle?” isn’t as brain-melting a request when you’re not being asked to redraw the entire environment. A form of this set was used during the creation of the Kickstarter teaser, so I’m excited to see what our team members do when presented with even better tools.

Music Video Update

On the Sepiatonic music video front, your paypal donations are chipping away at the remainder! The calculation as of today has us at $335,062.52! That puts us less than 15k away from our 350k goal to do the music video.

Donate HERE to receive the following perks:

  • Any amount will grant you a link to the finished animated short!
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If you want to watch Lackadaisy work live and even interact with the cast and crew, know that I (Fable) frequently stream work on my twitch at Since much of my work will be Lackadaisy for the next year, our web developer has helpfully stuck a little thumbnail of the stream on the sidebar that should go live whenever a stream starts. I frequently have voice actors and crew chatting with me as I work, so you get a little taste of what it’s kind of like working in a virtual animation studio!