Trailer Blazin’ feat. Interview with Andrew Clark

Buckle up, everyone! It’s about to get wild at the gin joint! Mark your calendars and set your alerts!

We will have a panel featuring an in-person trailer for those attending the San Jose FurCon’s Lackadaisy panel on Saturday, January 14th @5PM PST. We’ll also be showing off the comic dubs and holding a Q&A with director Fable Siegel, alongside Tracy Butler (creator) and Malcolm Ray (voice of Nicodeme), joining on call. Additionally, Fable will have a table at the Dealers Den selling pins and posters.

A full trailer will premiere soon after on our Youtube channel. Stay tuned for more announcements!

We continue our interview series showcasing our amazing crew members. This month, we’re pleased to speak with Andrew Clark, otherwise known as The Animated Moon. He was hired in 2021 into our mighty cleanup crew, something he cut his teeth on while animating The Blind King.

Clark’s is a story of friendship, a newfound passion, and a deep-seated grudge with a fictional cat. Please enjoy the story of a Lackadaisy animator.

When did you first come across Lackadaisy?

I had heard of the story here and there over the years but never really looked into it.  It wasn’t until I became friends with ZeBirdBrain that I learned more about it and the animation project as a whole.

What is your role in the film’s production?

I’m a clean up artist for the rough animation, make it all ready for the composite team to take and polish.

What led you here?

When the opportunity to join the Lackadaisy project came up, I had just graduated from university a few month prior with the intent of pursuing these sorts of projects.  I had just finished up a short film of my own right before and had put a lot of effort into learning clean up in toonboom, so it all came together.  Funny enough, I actually never really intended to pursue cleanup, but I’ve found through my previous film and this project that I actually quite enjoy it.

What has it been like working on the Lackadaisy film?

In general, the project has been a great experience.  There have been hitches and bumps along the way, but overall, the people have been great, the story is fun and stress has been kept to a minimal which really improves the experience, something that is unfortunately rare in this field.  Something that impressed me from the start was the level of organization present.  I came in late, so by the time I was working it felt like a fairly well oiled machine for the most part.  I will say however that I was expecting this project to go for just a few months more, certainly was in for a lot more than I expected.  The characters have been challenging, but each has been fun to figure out and work with…except Freckle, he knows what he did…

Anything lined up for the future?

As a matter of fact, I’m working on creating an online comic available through my website for free over on called ‘The Blind King’ and would love for people to check it out.  Me and my brother in general have several projects we want to get off the ground, some collaborative some not, so we’re working on getting those started.  You can check my stuff out on my site or socials as well as his over at respectively.