Deck the Hall with LackaDaisies

Happy holidays, friends! With the final Hanukkah candle lit, then Christmas is right around the corner. And at the very least, it’s holiday break if you’re a student!

Our cleanup artists, for instance, are working on a lot of the rough animations. Here’s an example of Mordecai’s TPL model which they use as a reference while working.

You’ve likely seen their work from our latest animation roughs video. If not, definitely check it out!

If you’re not subscribed already, I highly recommend it. We will have a lot more animation other fun stuff coming out soon.

Here at the Little Daisy, we’re working as hard as we can before everyone takes a short (but well-deserved) break.

BG art by Addison Bell, 3D model by Newt, textures by Frog.
You’re welcome to join us.

If you, too, are hunkering down in quarantine for the holidays, we have a Discord server you’re welcome to join. It’s better to spend the holidays with friends who share your interests than with just streaming television for company.

Speaking of streaming, though, we’ve been doing a bunch. Not least of all, our Hunidaisy Red Nose Day Charity Stream.

Organized by Newt and Ashley Nichols

Because we wanted to make it an epic trilogy series the stream got split up into three parts (jk it was technical difficulties). Here are part 2 and part 3.

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who donated and are keeping the holiday spirit alive! Also, like, just keeping people’s spirits alive. Speaking from experience, it’s hard to keep going when food is a concern. Many of you were not just able but willing to help families out. Bless you.

We raised $5120.66 for Red nose Day by doing sketches for charity!

Several crew members contributed to this massive picture:

I wonder if the Rocky boa could be considered mild body horror…

Also if you are a NERD, you can check out our other two streams. The first is a “weeb stream” where we tell Tracy about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m in it. Also Valentine Stokes (voice of Zib) and Jason Marnocha (voice of Viktor) who was the voice of Keicho Nijimura (Okuyasu’s brother from Diamond is Unbreakable). We also had Walter (comic dub editor) and Brad (voice of Wick) join us for a bit. It was my first stream and I had a lot of fun!

But really, it was Val who stole the show. He expounded upon the plot of season one with such passion and vigor that we were all gripped by the drama of how Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando became bitter rivals. Even if you’re not a fan of season 1 or have never seen Jojo, I’m confident Val will make you a fan by the end of the stream. Or at least less confused about what Jojo is about…

Of course, spoilers for the anime series, but also some spoilers for the manga (Steel Ball Run, specifically) at about 3 hours and 52 minutes in. Just fair warning.

We also held a Warrior Cats stream on Sunday!

For this stream, we invited a group of animators (many from our team) who have worked on Warrior Cats animations in the past. Not sure why so many of our Lackadaisy Cats artists are also into Warrior Cats. It’s a mystery…

Maybe the gang violence? Nothing to do with cats, I’m sure.

In addition to Tracy and Fable, here’s a list of all our hardcore fans who got to gush about Warrior Cats with us: Finchwing, SEGAmastergirl, Starapture, Simply Misty, Meow286, Radvumtal, and Animatrocities. I have little to no idea what Warrior Cats is (never even heard of it growing up); but similar to our Weeb Stream, these artists have an infectious passion for their feral cat soap opera. I feel like I should pick up the first book now just to check it out…

Moving into the new year, I suspect we’re getting to the point where these devlogs will contain a lot more videos and gifs (mostly on account of the fact that we have an increasing number of finished animations now). We are going to try to spoil as little as possible about the story going forward, but we are also going to be proudly showcasing our work to update our fans and backers.

Please also consider donating to our project. We’re working hard through the end of the year, but any little bit helps our team continue delivering amazing Lackadaisy content!