Part I: Lacrimosa

Once there were halls full of drink,
Tresses adorn with daisies;
Baudy the tales the patrons regaled
And laughed ‘til the moon became lazy.

Did they imbibe a tonic too sweet
Which forced April give way to June?
The dark night receded and gave way to day,
But never again was it May.

The drinks did run bitter.
The flowers did wither.
Heavy the tales the patrons regaled,
But never again was it May.

Friends, thank you for hearing this bard’s humble recollection of the ghosts which haunt the Lackadaisy, which haunt us all to this very day. It is with my great pleasure that I introduce you to the first installment of our seasonal festivities: Lacrimosa.

It is appropriate we start here, for “lacrimosa” refers to tears eternal. And when the whiskey stills run dry, it is these tears that still remain as a specter of and monument to our sins.

Take heart, my friends! For we have employed artists great and venerable in their craft. This first video in our series is narrated by a man blessed and cursed with a voice that chills one down to the very bone: Nick Nocturne of Night Mind.

Directed by Fable Siegel
Edited by Tomas Walter Vitola
Sound Design by M Gewehr
And everything else, as always, by Tracy Butler

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