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Armed With A Smile and A Gun
 Post subject: The Trackers
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Custom Title: Armed With A Smile and A Gun
These are the Jagneaux Clan's go-to killers, When the Jagneauxs have a person they despise more than the devil himself, or are just too lazy to kill the person themselves, they leave the victim unconscious on Tracker Land and notify them..These are the Main Trackers.

Name: Jed Cooter
Aliases: "Peg", Tracker Jed, Tracker Peg.
Birthdate: August 3rd, 1870.
Age: 56
Height: 5'11
Weight: 250lbs
Build: Slightly chubby
Origin: Hancock County, Mississippi
Languages: English, Heavy Deep Southern Accent.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Bloodshot whites surrounding a Ice Blue iris.
Hair: Brown
Scars: He has a scar across his left eye, and he earned his nickname "Peg" because of his right leg having clubfoot, leaving him to walk with a limp as if he had a peg leg.
Fur/Markings: This.
Attire: Grey shirt and overalls.
Accessories: None
WOC: 8 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun, occasionally uses a Winchester 1875.
Appearance: A tall, muscular man for his age he can appear to be a very intimidating individual with his stature and bloodshot eyes, crooked and missing teeth. Even more so intimidating since he is one of the few people who the Jagneauxs outright fear, despite Jed and his friends working for them.
Personality: Not much is know about Jed besides the fact that he doesn't talk much, Is sadistic like his fellow "Trackers",very easy to piss off, and is one of the least friendly people on the planet.
Special skills: Tracking and setting traps. He has at least 40 bear traps that he keeps hidden around the rim of the property as to stop anyone who tries to get in, or more appropriately, anyone who tries to get out.
Weaknesses: His clubfoot slows him down, not by much but enough that he's easy enough to outrun if the person he's after is in good shape.
Fears: Spiders.
Likes: Pain of others, His job, and moonshine.
Dislikes: Practically anyone from the city, people who don't pay him and his friends for their job, People making fun of his clubfoot.
Religion: Atheist

History: Not much is know about Jed, as only Jed himself knows how his life has gone downhill. He was born to a poor family in Hancock County. His early years as a child were spent being made fun of by others because of his clubfoot. When he was 12, a local bully had attempted to rob Jed with a pocket knife. Alas, this was when he first learned that he liked hurting people as he beat the bully to the ground after knocking the knife out of the kid's hand. In his teens He lived rather averagely, but continued to get into fights as he became addicted to liquor. When he was 27, he killed a man in a drunken fit of rage over an argument turned physical. He was imprisoned for 10 years on the charge of Manslaughter, during which he quickly became a feared inmate when he nearly killed a gang member with a glass shiv. He wasn't caught for the attempted murder, and was released. He eventually lost what little money he had left and became a drifter after losing his home. During his journeys he met a man by the name of Joe Bryar the two quickly became friends after Jed helped Bryar and two of his friends hide the body of two men, which were killed in a gunfight that had started over a poker game. He started working with Bryar until Bryar was fired from a local logging camp, Jed offered that Bryar could come with him to leave the dead end town Bryar had lived in. Jed and Bryar hopped a boat to St. Louis after an encounter with law enforcement that left them wanted for Assaulting and Murdering an Officer. A few years later, The Prohibition had started. With an idea in his head, he got Bryar to go along with an idea he had for "taking care" of people gangsters didn't want poking around their booze instead of brewing their own. Jed quickly became a man who no longer longed for a lawful life, instead pursuing cash and booze. a few months into their operation, they hired 6 more people, A local called Ellis and a new guy from Perry County called Cletus along with the Perry County boy's friends of which he only knows as "Catfish", "Bud", "Darryl", and "Stew". Jed may not be living like he wished, but what he got to him is a whole lot better..
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
Quotes: "Ellis, Get out there and see what's up with them gotdamn dogs!"
Name: Joe Bryar Spencer
Aliases: "Bryar Patch", Tracker Bryar, The Devil of the Backwoods
Birthdate: January 5th, 1894
Age: 32
Height: 5'9
Weight: 213 lbs
Build: Muscular.
Origin: Hancock County, Mississippi
Languages: English, Heavy Southern Accent
Occupation: "Hitman"*
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Spiky brown hair
Scars: None
Fur/Markings: This
Attire: A dusty Old Leather hat, white shirt and Jeans.
Accessories: None
WOC: Colt 1855 Revolving Rifle, though uses a butcher's cleaver when he feels like torturing someone.
Appearance: An average looking fellow, yet he has somewhat of a creepy stare since he has a usually blank expression which barely changes unless he is raging mad, in which he becomes a very terrifying individual since even when angry he only ever utters a few words to a sentence or two when mad, letting his expression do most of the talking.
Personality: Completely silent almost all the time, only using facial expressions most the time until someone gets him angry, which is real easy. He is sadistic just like the rest of Trackers, though out of all of them he is the most sadistic out of the bunch. Some say that he used to be a cheery family-man before meeting with the likes of Jed, others say he was just as bad as he is now, if not worse..
Special skills: He is the stealthiest of the bunch when he needs to be, though only does so when whatever he's after can make it past his pack of hunting dogs.
Weaknesses: He is deaf in one ear, due to his rifle going off right next to his left Ear when he was sitting next to the barrel.
Fears: He fears cockroaches because no matter what he does he can't kill them it seems to him.
Likes: Other's pain, moonshine, and his job.
Dislikes: His dogs getting killed, not getting paid for his job, and people escaping him.
Religion: Baptist

History: Not much is known about Tracker Bryar, some even say Bryar don't even remember what he life was like before he met Jed, even then Jed himself doesn't know much about Bryar except for when Bryar and him first met, He was working in a logging camp, and showed no interest in Jed. It wasn't until three days later when he killed some men that most say stole his cash in a poker game, in which Jed then helped hide the bodies. This is where the legends in, and the truth begins. After killing the men, Jed offered to help Bryar and his Friends hide the bodies of two foremen, as they had already hid the third in a ditch, even after they threatened to kill Jed as well. Bryar quickly started to change somewhat after becoming friends with Jed. He started getting more violent, started drinking even though he never touched a bottle of liquor in his life, and started talking less and less..He told Jed he could sign up to work with the lumber yard and so he did and for a few weeks it seemed Bryar started to be like his old self...Until he got fired in which things turned for the worse. Soon after he became worse, he outright stopped talking altogether except for the occasional "Yes" or "No", became addicted to liquor, and became the most violent he had ever been since the night he had killed three people in a rage. a few days later Jed was also fired from the job after assaulting a Foreman. Jed then brought up a offer for Bryar, come with him and leave the dead end town, or to stay. Bryar took the offer and the two headed out of the town. A few miles out of the town a officer came to arrest Jed as the foreman had reported the incident which then lead to them killing the officer. Now on the run, the two made it to a town located on the Mississippi and strong armed their way onto a boat heading to St. Louis. Once the Prohibition started, the two did dirty work for gangsters and Backwoods residents to rid them of witnesses or people trying to rob them, or just to settle rivalries..After A while he became bored of the standard shooting the person in the back and talked Jed into doing things "His" way..Hunting the victims down like deer. He then bought around 7 dogs after having a victim escape, and Joining Jed in recruiting more men. They hired 6 more people, A old hobo called Ellis, a kid called Cletus, and Cletus's friends. Now, he is a demon in the body of a man that once lived an average life, surrounded in legend among backwoods residents..and he likes his new role as "Tracker Bryar", The Devil of the Backwoods.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
Quotes: "Stop runnin', 'cus you know you ain't gonna survive this!"

Name: Eustice Delmont
Aliases: Ellis, Tracker Delmont.
Birthdate: February 2nd, 1881
Age: 45
Height: 5'8
Weight: 163
Build: Skinny
Origin: Jackson County, Mississippi
Languages: English, Light Southern Accent
Occupation: "Hitman"*
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Dull Grey.
Hair: Black
Scars: None
Fur/Markings: This
Attire: Coveralls and a Grey shirt. He has a unbuttoned confederate jacket around him that has been patched up many times, and wears a Confederate cap.
Accessories: A revolver holster holster
WOC: Colt Lightning Carbine and a Schofield Revolver.
Appearance: A skinny, unnoteworthy fellow who looks like the average homeless person if it wasn't for the handgun holster with the revolver set inside it.
Personality: He is the ONLY Tracker who isn't sadistic only doing the job for the cash and free liquor, he is actually a lot kinder to people who know him, though he is just as cold blooded as the rest when it comes to his job, though not by choice.
Special skills: He is the most intelligent of the trackers, he uses this to his advantage by setting up ambush spots along the routes of game trails, and paths that some victims of the trackers took.
Weaknesses: He is the weakest of the bunch, as one good punch to the head can put him out like a light.
Fears: Being killed
Likes: Getting paid, fishing, and building birdhouses.
Dislikes: People Making fun of him for making birdhouses,and people who act snobbish
Religion: atheist

History: Born to a Farming Family, Eustice lived a relatively calm and happy life, until his father made the choice to move up river to St.Louis as a way of getting a better job to support the family. When the family settled outside of St. Louis, things took a turn for the worse for their family when his mother died of malaria, leaving only his father and himself to run the farm. When Eustice was in his teens his father died from a stroke while working one of the fields. Eustice was left having to work by himself for years. It finally returned to normal until he turned 39 When he ran up a debt after a failed harvest, leaving him to sell the farm and nearly everything he had except for a few guns and the clothes he had on his back. He was living alone for years doing odd jobs to try and keep himself situated. After meeting a strange man called Jed who was looking for workers, he signed up not caring the job as long as he was paid.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
Quotes: "I'm sorry. It ain't nothin' personal, I swear, it's just a job.."


Name: Cletus L.P. Wayne
Aliases: Lloyd*,Purvis*, Catfish (* Lloyd and Purvis are his middle names), Tracker Wayne
Birthdate: November 21st, 1899
Age: 27
Height: 6'0
Weight: 146
Build: Average
Origin: Perry County, Mississippi
Languages: English, The heaviest southern accent out of all the others.
Occupation: "Hitman"*.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Left eye is Green, right is blue
Hair:Dirt Brown
Scars: None.
Fur/Markings: This
Attire: White undershirt, rancher vest, half tied tie and a cowboy hat. (This)
Accessories: Always wears a bandana over his face, not to hide a scar or anything but just because he thinks it makes himself look intimidating.
WOC: An axe, though every now and then he wields a Harrington and Richardson Pardner 12 Gauge Single Barrel(Breach)Shotgun
Appearance: He looks like your average ranch worker
Personality: The second most sadistic of the Trackers, yet also the stupidest. He tends to brag and ramble, which causes him to usually get hit in the head.
Special skills: None.
Weaknesses: Extremely stupid.
Fears: Snakes, Spiders, and mice.
Likes: Other's pain, Moonshine, and being able to kill something.
Dislikes: Not being allowed to kill someone or something, being called stupid, and having his bandana stolen.
Religion: Methodist

History: Cletus had a rather average childhood up until he was 8 when he dropped out of school along with some friends. Throughout his teens he was getting into all sorts of trouble ranging from stealing a old man's cash to robbing a general store. When he was twenty he moved out to St. Louis in search of a job and thrill of adventure as he had become bored with petty crime. He and his friends headed up river to Missouri after their latest job went downhill fast when they killed their boss over a late payment, and stole all the man had of value. When he was Twenty five, he came across two men known as Jed and Bryar and offered that he and his friends would work for them, as yet again boredom had caught up with Cletus and his friends. Now, Cletus and his friends are working under Jed and Bryar, and have made their point clear that they won't be moving a second time, one hit victim at a time.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
Quotes: "C'mon out, we ain't gonna hurt ya!"
Explanation for "Hitman*": as that is what they technically are, though in actuality, they're more of a disposal service for the Jagneauxs and other backwoods bootleggers for when the bootleggers catch people and don't want to kill them themselves, instead drop the unconscious victim(s) on their land, notify them, and the Trackers start to 'track'(AKA Hunt) the person(s) down with Bryar's dogs. However the technicality comes in since they aren't afraid to kidnap a given person's name and 'track' them, which earned them a given name among the backwood residents of "Tracker" instead of being called a Hitman, which is then inturn followed by another nickname or one of their names.

Theme song:"Too Old to Die Young"

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