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 Post subject: Margaret "Mollie" Noble
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:55 am GMT 
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Name: Margaret Noble

Alias: Mollie (will often introduce herself as such)

Parents: Alistair Noble and Bridget Noble née Cowan

Birth Date: 17/02/1906 (Making her 21 in 1927 at the start of the events of Lackadaisy)

Age: 21

Gender: Female (She&Her pronouns)

Occupation: Heiress / Starlet

Weapon of choice: N/A (Though probably a small concealed firearm if pressed)

Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland

Languages: English, a little Scots Gaelic, generally speaks with a soft, lilting Scottish accent.


Height/Weight: 5'1" / 110 lbs

Appearance: A neat and well groomed young woman, often seen to be well dressed and manicured and is rarely without the latest fashions.

Fur/Markings: A pale grey colour makes up the majority of her fur, however, her hands/lower arms/lower legs/feet and the end of her tail are all a very clean white colour. Probably something like this.

Hair: Cut into a short, black bob and styled in curls (Similar to Greta Garbo)

Eyes: An orange colour

Scars: N/A

Attire: Generally wears something new everyday, often in keeping with the recent fashions, this includes breeches, dresses, hats and head adornments and is dependent of the occasion. Living in the lap of luxury has given her an expensive taste for the finer things. Has a particular love of hats and shiny jewellery.

Accessories: Often seen wearing a heavy cameo necklace that belonged to her late mother.


Personality: Mollie is a young woman with a romantic view of the world from her pedestal, settled high above those around her. Her attitude can be seen as haughty, she is considerably flirtatious and has been involved with a number of young men through out her years with varying degrees of success however, she is often quickly bored by them but that doesn't mean she doesn't continue to accept the gifts they bring her. She is also short tempered, impatient and not as easily subdued as others may believe. A true Scotswoman at heart.

Positive traits: +Social, +Generous, +Charming

Negative Traits: -Pretentious, -Nosey, -Naive

Significant Skills: Has wonderful social skills and a great list of connections with people who are of both a higher and lower social status than her, good at reading people, has good observational skills and an eye for details. Has a knack for literature and the written arts, enjoys poetry.

Significant Weaknesses: Can be much too quick to trust others and too naive to see through them, as she is still growing up as it were she's not really very aware of the true goings on around her

Fears/Phobias: Being enclosed in small spaces, spiders, her father's disapproval. She also has a significant fear of dying "before her time" as it were.

Likes: Winter, warm stew, the sound of the fire, beautiful things (Be they clothing, people or artwork), drama, sitting in the sun, writing

Dislikes: Dishonesty, things being hidden from her to "protect her", being considered weak, being undermined by those who are older and "wiser" than she is, her father's business dealings

History: Born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland into a particularly wealthy family offered Mollie a positive start in life, though her childhood was difficult as her mother (Whom was much younger than her father) took ill and was infrequently well. It was when Mollie was around the age of four that her mother passed leaving only herself and her father, as her mother had never given him another child thus Mollie became the apple of Alistair's eye. They were rarely separated but for her father's particularly shady business deals as not all of Alistair Noble's wealth was obtained through good humble means, desperate times called for desperate measures and Alistair was nothing if not a highly opportunistic business man. Which is what brought himself and subsequently his daughter to the shores of America, late in 1922. Thus Mollie's education continued on the American shores, raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and a quiet worry about her father's business. As she has grown older and become increasingly disillusioned to life her concerns have begun to grow. This is especially true as in recent years her father has grown ill, this coupled with her status as his only heir have given her suspicion to believe that daddy dearest has been meddling in underground businesses that he should not meddle in.


Haha this took quite some time to finish and as she's my first character here and my first post I have to say I'm quite proud of her. :') Hopefully get some RPs going with my snotty, heiress baby soon!

"I can see Eternity."

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