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 Post subject: Alexander Harrison McLoughlin
PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:37 pm GMT 

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Name: Alexander Harrison McLoughlin

Alias: White Russian, Lucky Russian (was given from close friends who know of his Irish heritage)

Species: Deven Rex

Birth date: Nov. 13th, 1903

Age: 22

Stout, broad shoulders, thick, solid, round, slightly tubby, fluffy, patchy

Origin: St. Louis born and raised

Languages: Fluent in English and knows enough Russian to understand a conversation however, he has trouble pronouncing in it. He tends to speak with a slur when he is speaking Russian and has a Russian dialect when speaking English.


Owns and works at a gun store named after his fathers surname, McLoughlin Firearms and Hunting Depot, where he and his mother sell various ballistic weapons mostly of American origin with a few that are European in origin, along with repairing and maintaining other peoples guns. He also distills, runs, and sells home made Vodka of his mothers recipe to the local Speakeasy's and Joints in St. Louis. When he goes on delivery runs he drives his blue Ford Model A Roadster.

Ethnicity: Russian on his Mothers side and Irish on his Fathers side.

Eyes: Olive green

Hair/fur/markings: Primarily light brown body with black/fudge brown horizontal stripes on his back and scalp. Tends to have scruffy, dark brown hair, will sometimes clean it up to part down the middle.

Scars: Large, nasty burns and ruined fur on right hand to inner right forearm, slightly ruined fur on left hand. Occurred when making bullets, the black powder that was in use caught and went up in smoke. Fortunately, only the table, Alexanders cloths (at the time), and arms, where burnt or charred.

Attire & Accessories: Commonly wears work slacks and a button up shirt w/ or without flat hat quite casually. Along with this get up, he wares a pair of worn leather work gloves. When out doing runs, he snappily wears his charcoal grey plaid Oxford bags with a 24" leg opening, a velvet red double breasted vest with charcoal tie and black button up shirt underneath, and a creamy beige single breasted jacket on top. Atop his head he wares a black & white stitched Trilby hat, and on his person (jacket pocket or other) he carries with him his fathers brass Timex pocket watch.

WOC: He carries on him his fathers, R&W .48 Caliber snub nose pistol, he cherishes it with the utmost care. Unless under dire circumstances, he will not give it up to anyone. As for other forms of ballistic combat, he can also use an owned Springfield M1903 Bolt-action rifle if he so desires.

Appearance: Alexander is a fairly large bodied person of average size, not necessarily over weight but big. He is stout and has a solid build. Larger upper body with stubby legs. Because of this when he walks, he walks with a slight waddle. Where as running, its a bit of a sight to behold. He has an oval face that transfers into a triangular mouth as well as fairly large ears on a comparably smaller head. His arms and hands, aside from being "slightly" singed, appear to be relatively long but really are just rather skinny compared to the rest of his bulk. And at the tip of his long, skinny, tale, is a crook bent left that appeared from birth that neither parents knew how it was formed.


Alexander is a very friendly, charming, and generally good spirited person. He is normally quiet and always tries to make and become friends with the people he meets, even if they are a on the dodgy side of things. Along with this, he will always attempt to give anyone a second chance. However if anyone he meets threatens to harm his friends or family he will make sure to hunt them down and kill them.

He is definitely not the person who will distrust you immediately but if he feels you are lying or not being completely honest to him, especially if the matter is important to him, he will attempt to find out what it is you're hiding and if he does, he will become very distrustful of you until you manage to earn his trust back, which is not always easy.

Now when Alexander has several drinks, his personality switches dramatically and he becomes the life of the party. He becomes rambunctious, hearty, noisy and all around a fun guy to be with, depending on you're current attitude. He always tries to get everyone and anyone, of either sex, to enjoy themselves, make them laugh, and get them to let go and swing to the jazzy music.

Whenever he is forcibly reminded of his father, he will tend to go into a deep depression that is hard for him to recover from, on the other scale, if his father is mocked, or horribly insulted he will become enraged and if not controlled, maim or worse yet, kill the mocker. Then later go into a depressive state.


Strengths: Through years of self teaching, Alexander can fairly quickly dismantle many ballistic weapons. However, he is far more skilled at dismantling small firearms such as pistols then the much larger Bolt-action rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns of that age (fastest time dismantling a pistol by hand, 6.4-7.0 seconds, anything else ranges from 7.8-10.4 seconds). He can hold his liquors, stouts, beers, shots.... etc., amazingly well and doesn't get intimidated by a good drinking challenge, or anything really, especially when drunk. Alexander is very charismatic in the way that he can make friends with ease and have them trust him fairly easily.


Can't talk to women he finds attractive, at least not with ease. Normally just grunts or mumbles when talking to one. Tries not to get in a conversation with them if he can avoid it. If he does he tends to be awkward at the start, and then gets slightly better as time goes on.

Can't easily ignore a friends needs, even if they aren't the most savory of requests. This, coupled on with the fact that he is severely Bipolar as well as stubborn, can make him be very brash and manic, if not kept in check. if a friend or family member is threatened, he will most likely take it to the extremes and will end up dealing with it himself. He will become very hard to stop or persuade at this point of time.

When he becomes depressed, he gets depressed. Mostly from the mentioning of or remembrance of a certain moment involving his father. He won't ever attempt to kill himself but he'll end up being bedridden until he comes to his senses, sometimes with the help of someone close to him. When he gets angry, he becomes furious, easiest way of this is by mocking his father. When like this, it can go so far as attempting murder. However, if he kills anyone in this state and he manages to calm down afterwards, he will become a wreck and go into a depressive state. Strangely enough, if he kills anyone out of defense, he comes back disgruntled but otherwise okay. Because of this he won't go around killing people unless, in his perspective, they have it coming.

While drunk he tends to be very... overly social. When people want to be left alone he tends to stay, when people are having a nice conversation, he tends to butt in and be very rude and loud. He means well in this state but to the rest of the world he tends to appear as a rowdy drunk.

Because of previous experiences, Alexander has minor Pyrophobia. When he sees an igniting lighter, a lit match, or a spark, he gets twitchy. When he sees a small fire, such as a fireplace or campfire, he gets nervous. When hes on fire, he panics uncontrollably.

Fears: Losing his mother, harming those he loves, going to jail, losing the business, losing his fathers pistol, losing his fathers pocket watch, everyone hating/disowning him, fire, burning alive.

Likes: Fixing/maintaining guns, silence, tranquility, booze, his mother, his father, his fathers pistol, his fathers pocket watch, friends, family, partying.

Religion: Irish Catholic, his family has always went to church when he was a child because his father was born into that type of family. Currently, he goes to church as a form of communicating to his father, as well as to have something to believe in when he loses hope. His Religion however doesn't stop his selling and making of alcohol.


Alexander was born to one James Harrison McLoughlin and by one Anna Romanovna McLoughlin (Born Galiaskarov). Alexanders life was not easy, with all the racial slurs and remarks of the time along with working a poultry farm, he was brought up roughly. At age 10 (1913), Alexanders father, James taught him how to fire a rifle so that he could later help with gaining more game for the family and its farm hands to eat. It took practice but eventually Alexander became quite the skilled marksmen. As for learning Russian, which for some reason his mother Anna thought would be extremely useful, was quite a painful endeavor. He ended up only learning how to understand Russian with some degree of being able to speak it.

For the rest of the year, Alexanders life was more or less comfortable. The farm was bringing in money, Alexander was making a few friends, and the entire family was going to Irish Catholic church. Then the Great War began and America started to conscript in order to fill its armies ranks. Fortunately Alexander was only 11 when this happened and so he was completely looked over, however his father was not. He was drafted into the military and was shipped across seas. Both Alexander and his mother were filled with dread and despair, hoping that James would return safely.

Years past, letters came back from James explaining his days and adventures through Europe. Then, in 1916, one letter, one pistol, and one pocket watch came back, with the letter detailing that James and his away squad were ambushed and killed on the spot in enemy territory. Depression over took Alexander and his mother, With only the two of them and a few hands to help, they were only getting income from plague ridden poultry and any wildlife Alexander could shoot down, and on many days, Alexander was to depressed to do anything but fix and maintain his Springfield or his fathers Snubnose pistol. Many tough years passed, but then in 1924, the bonuses came in and the family was stricken with sudden wealth.

With this money Alexander bought enough post war weapons to start up his store, McLoughlin Firearms and Hunting Depot, and with his mothers consent, the equipment to participate in the alcohol running business of The Prohibition. using an old family recipe his mother knows, they make their own Vodka in the stores hidden basement and sell it to any reliable and trust worthy Speakeasy looking for a supplier.

To this day, they are running strong and bringing in money.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Love interest: None at the moment, however his mother keeps pestering him on finding a "lovely girl" at one of the many speakeasies he goes to.

Quote: "New gunz are like vwomen, you zink you underztand how zey vwork, you know vwhat part goez vwhere, but in ze end, zey juzt explode and fall apart in you're handz and you have no idea what you did vwrong... In my opinion zat iz."

-Alexander Harrison McLoughlin idly chit chatting to a customer about a gun repair

(A little tid bit of information, they call their Vodka, "McLoughlin Liquid Gunpowder")

(will add pictures later but I just don't have the ability to do this neatly yet. Will update later)

(Also, first character! YAY! :D )

BLUE WARRIOR needs food badly... and a 10 ft pole

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 Post subject: Re: Alexander Harrison McLoughlin
PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:31 pm GMT 

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this character is amazingly well thought-out and likeable! I find certain aspects of the personality hilarious and just all around helps paint a picture of him being, at least when he isn't furious at some poor schmuck who wouldn't know when to shut it, a nice fella. I especially love the fact of when it says about when he's on fire...I mean everyone's reaction to getting set ablaze is a millisecond-to-press internal "PANIC" button, It's just slightly hilarious to think of him flailing around comically. I mean c'mon if you think about it in a funny nature, it's hilarious but when you look at it from the Pyrophobic or average point of view it's absolutely terrifying.

Another is the fact of (probably unintended) comedic is calling the vodka "McLoughlin Liquid Gunpowder" seeing as Vodka is ironically the common alcohol associated with the Molotov Cocktail.. Liquid Gunpowder indeed. But as said, This is a magnificent character!

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