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Armed With A Smile and A Gun
 Post subject: The Good, the Bad, and the Professional
PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:39 pm GMT 

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Custom Title: Armed With A Smile and A Gun
Hurray, my last couple characters! A group of cops who mainly end up in scuffles with the Jagneaux Clan over the Clan's multiple illegal activities, but have been known to help in multiple different cases against suspected speakeasies.

Name: Jim "Trio" Andrus III (Andrus pronounced "Andrews")
Aliases: Trio, "The Good"
Birthdate: January 2nd, 1898
Age: 27
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140
Build: Average
Origin: Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana
Languages: English, slight Cajun accent
Occupation: Cop.
Ethnicity: American

Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: Brown
Scars: Two scars in his ribs where he was shot on two separate occasions trying to talk a gang into surrendering as the gang was outmatched.
Fur/Markings: White with black spots along his back and chest.
Attire: A regular Police uniform, when not on duty he's wearing a dark blue suit with matching Trilby.
Accessories: None
WOC: A Colt 1911 and a 1873 Winchester Repeater. (Gun Fact: The "Original" 1873 Winchesters stopped being produced in 1919, though Uberti copies remain. )
Appearance: Clean and up straight. Looks as if he never had a problem a day in his life.

Personality: An extremely nice to practically everyone, even criminals he puts away. he's known for a good attitude, respecting his superiors and taking his job seriously, but while taking his job seriously, he can arrest you and make you think it was a casual day despite the handcuffs.

Special skills: From what his friends and some of his old co-workers refer to him as being able to "Talk down even the most suicidal or murderous suspects." He tends to try and talk people out of causing a problem and surrendering peacefully instead of shooting.
Weaknesses: His calm and attempted communication can also prove to be his downfall, as he has been shot twice while doing so.
Fears: Getting killed.
Likes: Solving things peacefully,
Dislikes: The Jagneaux Clan, as to him it seems wherever he goes, that Clan isn't too far behind..
Religion:Christian (Not one established branch as he tends to attend multiple different churches. Baptist, Church of God, etc.)

History: Born to an average family, he always wanted to be like his father, putting criminals in their place, and protecting the innocent. He did decent in school, trying his best at almost everything. When he turned eighteen, he enrolled in the Police Academy, finally his dream came true. During his years as a officer, he had witnessed many things, including his best friend getting shot after they walked into a robbery in progress. When he was 24, his father was killed in retaliation by a gang in town when one of their members were arrested. After which, he started having more troubles bubble up out of the swamp in the form of the Jagneaux Clan, he and many other officers always knew something was going on with that family, but they could never pin anything on them besides cases where they slaughtered their neighbor's cattle. When the Jagneaux Clan left the little town, it was easy going from then on, until he decided to move to St. Louis, only to get mixed up with that Clan again in the exact way he had before, being a officer, and them being their crooked selves..Only now the Jagneauxs are a lot more prepared for officers, and not many police are willing to try and break into a compound with around 40 armed rednecks in it..

Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
Quotes: "There's a time to talk, and a time to be silent, and right now is the time to be quiet, son.."

Name: Salvatore Santoro
Aliases: Sal, "Blind Sal Santoro", "The Professional"
Birthdate: February 3rd, 1891
Age: 35
Height: 5'11
Weight: 155
Build: Average
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Languages: He regularly speaks English, He also understands Italian and Sicilian perfectly, but he only knows a couple of words from hearing his grandparents and parents speak to each other.
Occupation: Detective
Ethnicity: Sicilian-American

Eyes: Brown
Hair: None
Scars: he has a scar across his eye where he met the business end of a Switchblade during a police raid. Alas, the reason for the nickname Blind Sal was born, as he went blind in his left eye where said switch had struck in.
Fur/Markings: He's completely grey.
Attire: He wears a trenchcoat on top of a average brown suit, and a wide brimmed Fedora.
Accessories: A badge that he pinned on his trenchcoat.
WOC: Beretta M1918/30 SMG is stashed in the trunk of his car, yet his on duty weapons usually consist of one of Valentine's Thompsons and a Snubnose Magnum.
Appearance: Straight and tall, can be quite menacing at times when he's on the job.

Personality: He doesn't seem to have any when you first notice him, but to his associates he's actually quite a open case, he never hides anything from his past, no matter how condemning it may be. He also is considered the most experience out of the group, as he used to work with the Mob when the prohibition first began.

Special skills: He's great at examining a crime scene and finding the smallest clues which usually make large differences in cases. He is also the most experienced in dealing with gangsters in a "fighting fire with fire" scenario..Both Literally and Figuratively.
Weaknesses: He tends to get get distracted fairly easily
Fears: His past coming back to bite him.
Likes: Arresting criminals.
Dislikes: He dislikes all crime, the only exceptions when he won't arrest someone is if they did a crime (such as stealing food) out of necessity or self defense.

History: Born in Chicago, he grew up knowing crime..When you live in a city that's known for being a criminal's heaven, you learn a few tricks or two along the way. He always had a knack for helping the people around the neighborhood, no matter how small the task may be he was there to help. If you needed something found, He'd be there waiting. When he was 15, he started getting involved with the less favorable bunch, nearly getting arrested for being part of the gang when the bunch had mugged a old woman. He didn't actually do anything, actually trying to talk the others into letting the woman go, only for the cops to show up, and book him along with the other members of the gang. He was proven innocent during the trial, and went free. He stopped helping his old "friends" and stayed on the right side of the law for the rest of his years..That is until the Prohibition came knocking on Chicago's front door. Seeing this as a way to make enough money to give his family a better life, he joined up with the mob, and thus lead to more criminal activity, leading to an arrest at 25, which ultimately lead to him becoming a informant, and later at the age of 30, a detective with the knowledge of how organized crime works from the inside, leading to quite the help of taking down key members of crime families in Chicago. He fled to St. Louis when he got a threat from the Chicago Outfit to either give up his case, or he and his family would face the consequences. Now, he's still the same Ace detective he was in Chicago, albeit a slight better at covering his tracks so he doesn't get traced this time around..

Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None
Quotes: "Get yourselves together.." "It's pretty obvious what happened here.." "Leave his gun, take his cannolis..What? Somebody should enjoy 'em." "Heh, reminds me of the Falcone case."
Theme Song(s): (A regular Noir-esc theme.)

Name: George Arlington Vincent
Aliases: "The Bad"
Birthdate: December 21st, 1895
Age: 30
Height: 5'9
Weight: 130
Build: Average
Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Languages: English, he knows Italian and Sicilian from doing "business" dealing with the Mob.
Occupation: Cop, though he's practically as corrupt as the men he and his "partners" put away. Usually taking bribes from many different criminals for anything from murdering someone, to just making sure they don't get arrested anytime soon.
Ethnicity: American

Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Scars: None, though he walks with a slight limp from when he dropped a rather heavy cinder block on his foot.
Fur/Markings: Every single part of him is white, as he's an Albino.
Attire: A black suit, covered by a black leather trench coat. He also wears a completely Black fedora, he constantly gets yelled at by higher officers for not wearing a uniform, though he usually just tell them to "Vaffanculo"
Accessories: None
WOC: A Colt Pocket Positive chambered in .32 New Police, though he sometimes uses a Thompson M1921AC (Militarized Variant, AKA 30 round straight magazine, and horizontal fore grip instead of the handgrip. Basically a older version of the M1, M1A1, or M1928A1[basically the same as the M1921AC militarized version, but better control.] Note that the Militarized Variants of both also could use the classic Drum magazine associated with the regular M1921 and M1928s.) He used to have Two, but gave the first one to Sal when he got tired of his outdated Beretta M1918.

Appearance:When first glanced upon, you can practically tell there's something fishy about him, being slouched most the time and having his fedora pulled over his face to ignore most everyone in the office.

Personality: A Wisecracker who always finds himself funny, no matter what situation. Though he has a rather dark sense of humour when it comes to his job, seeing as he's considered by some to be one of St. Louis's most corrupt cops. He makes puns and jokes about not only his side job as basically a hired gun, but also about rather powerful mob bosses he's either heard about or worked for. The only people he doesn't make fun of in a cruel way is his partners Trio and Sal.

Special skills: He knows how to erase every single piece of evidence from a crime scene that could link him or his clientele to a crime. He is also great at blackmail,and pickpocketing and intimidation which he has great experience in from his younger years..
Weaknesses: He has a habit of leaving said piece of evidence not far away from the scene, though it's easier for him to
Fears: Being found out and arrested on corruption charges.
Likes: Making money fast. Working with his partners, even though he tends to mess up most the cases due to bribes.
Dislikes: Not getting paid when he's done his client's dirty work, a client backstabbing him and trying to rat.

History: Growing up in the streets of New York was a hard life for most people. For the young George Vincent however, It was just the beginning of a self appointed "thrilling" career. He started out picking passerby's pockets by bumping into them, taking their wallet and quickly apologizing before rushing off with the poor sod's money. During his teens, he joined a local gang, and rose from pickpocket, to mugger. Anyone who decided needed a good working over, George made sure that the person not only woke up battered and bruised, but with anything of value stripped off, and that was that. When he was in his 20s, he decided to take the scale up a notch...He joined the police force, keeping his criminal pass hidden, and started helping the Five Families of New York City. During the time he had, he made a decent living with the money from the bribes pouring into his pocket like water from a sink. When he suckered one of the fellows paying him, he became targeted by at least two of the five families, and fled to St. Louis to avoid getting whacked. He still has the same deadly nature that made him one of the Mafia's best corrupted cops, and continues his nature in his new work in the St. Louis Police Department, making sure his past stays as hidden as possible.

Orientation: Heterosexual
Love Interest: None, though he had a wife back in Brooklyn. She disappeared after a heated confrontation about his accepting of bribes, she went missing a week later, and even George has no idea what had happened to her, though he assumes one of his connections took her out.

Quotes: "Hey, this guy reminds me of one of Salieri's goons." "Hey what's Capone's favorite pass time? Baseball, and God help anyone who doesn't share that guy's love of the sport!" "My foot, my foot, my friggin' foot! Gah, shit, that hurt!!"(<-- When he dropped said cinder block on his foot) "Alright, ya think this is funny huh, Well how about you's try laughing with my foot up ya ass!"
Theme Song: (The Godfather Theme.)

(I'll let you find out the references that I hid in George and Sal's quotes. If you have noticed these references, then good for you, if not, then fugget about it, ya still good, ya just didn't catch it off right out! These are references to famous mobster movies and video games. As a hint, One of the Quotes in particular is a reference to a scene in "The Untouchables".)

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Armed With A Smile and A Gun
 Post subject: Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Professional
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Custom Title: Armed With A Smile and A Gun
Finally! This thing went through many changes..and now it's done! So enjoy reading about these boys in blue!

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