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 Post subject: Fritz Kracauer
PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:16 am GMT 
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(my very first character here. how exciting!)

Full Name: Friedrich Wilhelm Kracauer
Aliases: Fritz
Birthdate: 25 August 1899
Place of Birth: Frankfurt am Main, German Empire
Height: 182 cm, or 5'9" to 5'10"
Weight: 63 kg, or 138 lbs
Build: Fairly skinny
Languages: German, good English but with an accent
Occupation: Part-time pianist if he's not too drunk
Ethnicity: Jew

Eyes: Dark
Hair: Black, a bit curly, usually long and messy
Scars: None
Attire: Wears round glasses and old-fashioned outfits but in a carelessly untidy manner
Accessories: Sometimes carries an old watch with him which is probably a family heirloom when it doesn't happen to be behind the showcase of a pawnshop.
WOC: Positively anything at his hand since Fritz is not professional at this and can't care less about being professional, also since he always jump-attacks without any sign or preparation
Appearance: Quite a literary type at first glance which can be very deceptive. Most of the time shows a blank face with no expression on it, no grin, no frown, no joy, no anger, no sorrow, absolutely nothing. The only time Fritz displays some satisfactions on his long, thin face is when he plays the piano. Even when he is enraged and starts to attack someone he doesn't exhibit any emotion explicitly. On the other hand, Fritz has a pair of dark eyes which can appear to be very profound and mean if you look at them, the kind of eyes people would easily consider unfriendly and stay away from. But they reflect the way Fritz looks at this world and others.

Personality: It's most noteworthy that Fritz has a very big ego. He's very proud of his musical talent and often despises other people as mediocre which makes him very arrogant in front of others. However he also doesn't say much as a result of his contempt. Whenever somebody go picky about his performance, Fritz will become extremely mad and always ends up beating the critic up. He could grow totally reckless at such moments so even the toughest ones might be afraid of him.
Except for his pride for his musical ability, Fritz is actually a cold and indifferent person deep in himself, quite difficult to touch. He doesn't really care much about others as long as it doesn't come to his music. He often stares at things happening without a word of comment as if he is merely a ghost. That may account for his temperate survival within the underworld although he is hardly involved in any illegal act.
Fritz is a regular drunk. Once every month he would disappear for several days, only to be found eventually by his friends in a somber corner of some nameless bar. Beside this, Fritz drinks frequently every single day, but never when he is working. It seems like Fritz doesn't drink in order to work but drinks when he can't work. So long as he has a job he remains highly sober. Once he retires from his music he indulges himself in alcohol. For this reason, Fritz has been thrown out by his employers on a regular basis. And the more unemployed he gets, the more he drinks.
While Fritz is not drunk, he plays the most beautiful pieces in the world. It often puzzles his audience how could someone with such a cold, emotionless character play such soft, sad, dreamlike and, as described by many of his admirers, disturbingly touching music.
Others just laugh at him when he's drunk due to his consistent ravings about him being an unrecognized genius.
Despite all this, Fritz always tells other people that he's working on something with explosive significance, a masterpiece of his as he calls it himself. Nonetheless no one ever see him even drafting his masterpiece. So it's either he is never working on anything or he's been really good at hiding things.
Special skills: Playing piano along with many other instruments, beating someone up when he's mad
Hobbies: Fritz doesn't really have a hobby except for music and alcohol.
Weaknesses: It's not clear whether this is in fact a weakness, but never say bad things about Fritz‘s playing!
Fears: What frightens Fritz most is his relatives' finding out how he's holding up in the states, especially his older brother back in Germany.
Likes: Nothing rather than his own music
Dislikes: Basically anyone he may consider mediocre
Religion: Probably an atheist

History: Fritz was born second son in a Jewish merchant family in Frankfurt. He has an older brother called Alfred. Fritz's parents were both very good at musical instruments. Little Fritz showed at a very young age great gift in music. When he grew older he went to Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium in order to study composing(strangely during the war, is this even possible?). Three years later he graduated with a perfect record. When it came to his twenties(after the war), Fritz made a bold decision to move to America to work for musical theatre, and at the same time try to write his first grand piece.
In New York things didn't go very well for Fritz. Although he got a job every now and then because of his education, his works were often not satisfying from producers' perspective, and had to be constantly altered or re-written. It was at this time he begun visiting speakeasies and forming a habit of drinking. Finally when his talent was exploited, Fritz became unemployed due to his disability to work as an alcoholic.
Having heard about his condition, a friend of Fritz's invited him to St.Louis. Since he didn't intend to go back home without any major achievement, Fritz agreed.
This friend of his is called David Reagan, or 'One-shot' Reagan, an infamous hitman whom he met in New York where Fritz used to play for clubs apart from his theatre job in exchange for liquor. For five months Reagan went every weekend to watch Fritz play, sitting on the very same seat every time, until one day Fritz didn't show up. Reagan searched the whole town and found Fritz vomiting in a dark alley. It was him who sent Fritz home. Since then they become close friends.
Now living in St.Louis, Fritz does not really start a brand-new life much different from his previous. He even stops writing to his family in Germany as he felt ashamed of himself. Sometimes he does realize things can't be allowed to go on like this but just is not brave enough to get away from his addiction and start to do something worthy.
Deserted by himself in such dump, shall he be lifted?

Orientation: Heterosexual. On one hand Fritz adores women on the other hand he despises them just like he despises any other human being.
Love Interest: It seemed like Fritz had a thing about David Reagan's younger sister Rebecca, but he never admitted it.
Quotes: 'You scums vill see dat I'm vorking on someding perfect dat vill engrave me into eternity!'

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