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Do you wanna have a bad time?
 Post subject: Virgil Mauvais
PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:55 pm GMT 
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Custom Title: Do you wanna have a bad time?
Wooo, third one! This one actually went through some revisions and rewrites, now it looks quite different from what I originally imagined, but I still like the end result.
Name: Virgil Mauvais
Aliases: The Giant Gentleman
Species: Norwegian forest cat
Birthdate: December 17, 1896
Age: 31
Height:  203 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Build:  Bulky and rather muscular, but a bit overweight (big belly, but not obese).
Origin: New Orleans (raised in the Bayou)
Languages: English (a mix of New Orleans/cajun accent.), and very little French.
Occupation: Conman, hired gun and rumrunner. Pretty much any job that has to do or can be solved by punching.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes:  Bright green, with a hint of yellow on them.
Hair:  Light brown, cut short, always slicked back and clean.
Scars: A couple small cuts in the back. Some more noticeable on his knuckles.
Fur/Markings:  Not my image.
Attire: Most of the time wears an expensive black suit, with a small top hat to match, and black gloves, to help hide his scars.
When around friends or when he does dirty work, he wear a big dark brown vest over a jacket, and he usually wears a bowler hat, though sometimes he wears the top hat.
Accessories: A handcarved wooden cane, the handle made to resemble a snake's head. He goes with it when dressed
as a gentleman. Used mostly to look nice, and as an improvised weapon.
WOC: He prefers using his own fists, or if he really needs to cause serious damage, a pair of brass knuckles. He also carries a revolver, in case his fist aren't enough. Finally, he keeps a Tommy gun stashed in his place, only using it on very special ocations.
Appearance: Big, bulky and well dressed, his looks alone always make him stand out of the crowd. Always looks elegant, even without his formal attire. He has a rather round looking body, but there is some muscle hidden behind it. He wears a big smile on his face most of the time, some consider this charming, others just find it suspicious.
Personality:  Well manered and sweet talking, this Cajun gentleman likes to be on the spotlight, always trying his best to leave a good impression on everyone. With a healthy sense of humour, impecable manners, a large vocabulary and an even larger appetite, you probably wouldn't believe this man to be one of the most dangerous men to come from down the river. When on the job, or when dealing with less "formal and or impolite individuals" (read: lowlife and thugs), he's still is pretty locuacious and polite, but this is when his dark side begins to show: he tends to sound and act a bit more blunt and brutish, and he becomes a lot less patient, easily getting angry at the slightlest provocation. His insults go from being playful and subtle, to blatant and low.
Also, if the job has any, he likes to play with his victims, taunting them mercilessly, and enjoying a bit too much the act of punching them.
The biggest thing holding some of this back, is a code of honor of sorts, that keep him from going too far.
Even though he is a manipulative man, who can backstab you when you least expect it, when he feels like it, and with very little remorse, he won't do it to a friend unless for a very good reason (this is the only reason he still works from time to time for Lautaro).
If he ever gets angry though, he completely drops the all of his manners and becomes a frenzied beast of a man, who won't stop until whoever angered him ends up in the ground with its head smashed.

Special skills: Thanks to his life as a conman, not only is he great at lying, he's also good at spotting liars. He's also strong, and a good fighter, knowing how to use his size and weight to his advantage. Finally, he has an amazing singing voice, and is a great cook.
Weaknesses:  He can't stand being around children, they always manage to get in his nerves quickly (specially the loud ones), and usually ends up angry at them. Also, because of his build, he might be strong, but he's rather slow, and can't run for long distances before getting tired.
Finally, he has a rather inflated ego, though he thinks this is a good thing.
Fears: Drowning, dying on his sleep, and bears.
Likes:  Home made food, the river, swamps, fancy hats, sarcasm and stealth insults.
Dislikes:Weaklings, getting his suit dirty, stairs, ladders, burned food, little kids, impolite people.
Religion: He practices voodoo, but if he actually believes in it or just keeps on doing it on force of habit, is anyone's guess.

History: Virgil was born the son of a single mother. Even though he wasn't planned, his mother still tried to raise him, despite her monetary problems. At least for a while.
One day when he was 2, his mother took him to a friend of hers, who lived in a big house with her family in the Bayou. She asked her friend to take care of him while she went to get the groceries. After two days of waiting, her friend knew she was not going to come back for him. But instead of leaving him in an orphanage, she took pity on the baby, and decided to keep him. There he got a new last name, Mauvais (his adopted mother's last name), but his original name, Virgil, stayed the same.

His childhood was spent in his house in the swamp, being home schooled (because the nearest school was a bit far from the house, and the family car could only carry so much) by one of his uncles, who used to be a teacher.
At age 13, he quickly began to learn the many rules and intricacies of the various family bussiness: smuggling, blackmail, and scamming. He could not have been happier about it.
During the next years, he would be taken along his various uncles and aunts to their works, so he could take a closer look at how they worked. He learned many things during those years, but what stuck with him the most was his oldest uncle's ability to lie his way in and out of everything. He was the best conman his family had ever seen, and Virgil decided to follow his ways to become just as succesful as him. After a couple years of training, he managed to not only acomplish this, but in a way, he even surpassed it.

Around the age of 17, he had perfected the art of slipping into private parties, wearing the fanciest clothes they kept in the house and blending in perfectly (despite his size). Once in there, he tried to either make good money quickly for his family, to befriending powerful empresaries and politicians. All this (or at least almost all) through the art of deciet, charm, and sometimes, threats.

When he became 23 years old, he finally bid his family goodbye, grabbed most of his savings and began travelling around the country, in search of fortune. He usually followed the same pattern: he found a new place to stay, made a name for himself, got as much money as possible, and then left for the next town to start over.
Now at the age of 31, he has spent three years living in St Louis, with the Dry Law still in place and plenty opportunities for him to get money (not to mention a small "deal", working for a certain someone), he's not leaving any time soon.

Orientation: Bisexual, but he tries to hide it (most of the time).
Love Interest: None yet
Quotes: "I could never work with an empty stomach."
"If you're going to kill a man, the least you could do is be polite about it."
"Rule number one: Don't fucking touch my hat."

Do you like hurting other people? - Richard - Hotline Miami
Yes, sadly I do. - Richard (no relation) Swain
Maybe, but I wouldn't be the one to pull the trigger.- Lautaro Quiroga
Only if it is profitable to me. -Virgil Mauvais


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 Post subject: Re: Virgil Mauvais
PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:03 pm GMT 
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He looks great! A really fleshed-out character. Wouldn't want to be in his bad books though.

Edit: "Fleshed-out". Ha. no pun intended.

"Impurities? I prefer to call them 'Unbound factors'! They add to the flavour."
- Warren Perrin

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