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 Post subject: Louise + Louis Tressler (Lou+Lou the Trapeze Twins)
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I keep making characters because I have all these good ideas bumping around in my head! Even if I don't use 'em right away, I like to just get them set up so I can have them ready for later, when I do have an opportunity to use them.


Name: Louise Tressler
Aliases: She insists everyone call her Lou, or Lulu by close friends.
Species: Cat - Snowshoe
Birthdate: February 1st, 1909
Age: 18
Height: 5’6
Weight: 125 lbs.
Build: Short and skinny, plain and simple. Her figure is quite fashionable among flappers these days.
Origin: Topeka, Kansas
Languages: English with a very slight southern accent, broken Russian, and bits and pieces of both Slovakian and Norwegian.
Occupation: Acrobats with the Circus
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Eyes: Baby-blue
Hair: Dark brown, with a slight natural curl to it, though she usually puts it up in ringlets. It’s not cut as short as in fashion these days, just slightly below her shoulders, but it’s easier to tie into a ponytail this way when she’s practicing.
Scars: Louise suffered a broken femur when she was quite young, from a nasty fall off the tightrope. As such, she has a particularly long scar running up the outside of her right thigh, from where the bone came through.
Fur/Markings: Louise and Louis have very similar fur; a dark cream undercoat, with dark lilac points. As with all snowshoes, she has white-socked hands and feet, and her face is mottled with speckles of both white and dark brown on top of her lilac mask. Her fur in short.
Attire: Lou has an assortment of costumes at her disposal, her favorites being either her ‘ballerina’ getup, which consists of a frilly pink tutu and headdress, and her flapper costumes, which she ‘borrows’ on occasion to sneak out and visit speakeasies to hustle billiards in whatever town she might be stopped in that night. Her normal clothes tend to be rather muted and plain, though, and while she owns countless pairs of tights and leggings, doesn’t own any actual pants.
Accessories: Lou would rather have something adorning her hair than not. Clips, pins, combs, headbands, hats, anything. Her favorite accessory is a little jade hairpin she received for her sixteenth birthday from her fellow circus travelers, and she wears it as often as she can.
WOC: Lou knows the ringmaster owns several guns, but she’s never shot one in her life. She’s rather quick and agile, so instead of fighting, she’d rather just run away.

Appearance: Lou’s eyes would have you think she must have just been crying, but in reality, she just suffers heavily from seasonal allergies. Big, round, and perpetually watery, she could probably charm the wallet off the President himself if she tried. Her face is heart-shaped, with large pointed ears sitting high on her head. Her facial features are typically sweet, very demure, and she’s often called ‘cute’ when she wears angry expressions. She wears large amounts of makeup when performing, but during her off hours, would rather go plain faced. Long arms and legs, like her brother, as well as a long tail, useful when performing on the tightrope for balance.

Personality: Louise is quiet, like her twin. Deceptively so. The way she speaks and holds herself, you would think she was raised in the south among the high society mistresses of the plantation estates. Very prim, very proper, very careful. But underneath the thin veneer of propriety that hardly anyone bothers to look past, you’d find a more devilish side of the circus performer.
Louise is a terrible, irredeemable pickpocket. She simply can’t help herself. Growing up destitute, she developed the habit early on in her circus career, when she figured out that no one would suspect such a cute, innocent little girl of nabbing their coinpurse. She has sticky fingers, her brother says, and often finds herself pocketing little things from shops as well; nothing too big, just things that catch her fancy. Hair clips, bracelets, she’s lifted a few pairs of shoes and even a set of bowties for Louis once. She likes to have a personal stash of ‘prizes’, perhaps as proof to herself that she and her brother are well off right now. They’re not starving, and they’re not homeless, and they even have a few treasures to spare. In any case, Louis doesn’t exactly discourage this habit, and it’s often praised by the Ringmaster and their fellow performers, so she’s seen no reason yet to quit.
Besides the slight case of kleptomania, Lou and Lou are just plain obnoxiously efficient trouble makers. They’re small, quick, and a pair of brilliant actors, and can often be found hustling crowds as the circus tent fills before the show. Louise isn’t much for up close magic, but she does make one damn good distraction, and is used to hustling and getting away with it. After all, how could a sweet little girl like her be so devastatingly good at billiards? And who would ever suspect her of using loaded dice? No one, that’s who.
Louise doesn’t much like the company of outsiders. She tends to be pretty closed off with her brother, when not wearing her fake smiles before the show. She enjoys the company of her fellow circus performers, as they tend to be just as seedy as the twins are, but really, she would much rather spend time with Louis and Louis alone. When she does find herself in a position where she would need to interact with a stranger, or ‘outsider’ as she calls them, she first tends to try and charm them superficially, but if they by chance see past her act, she becomes very flustered and anxious. Deep down, she really doesn’t know how to interact normally, with non-circus folks. She would rather talk to the circus lions than someone off the street.

Special skills: Pickpocketing, billiards, lying, tightrope walking, trick riding
Weaknesses: Normal conversation, driving (she doesn’t know how) and swimming (also doesn’t know how)
Fears: Poverty, abandonment, being separated from Louis, cockroaches and spiders, gunshots, getting trampled by the elephants.
Likes: Hair adornments, hats, frilly costumes, being up high (buildings, trees, ect) ‘acting’ (what she calls hustling) any kind of pudding, pink carnations.
Dislikes: The ocean, bugs, getting caught pickpocketing, speaking to strangers.
Religion: She’s vaguely aware that she should be some sort of Christian, but she couldn’t care less about religion.
Orientation: Straight
Love Interest: None


Name: Louis Tressler
Aliases: He prefers to be called Lou, but tolerates being called Louey
Species: Cat - Snowshoe
Birthdate: February 1st, 1909
Age: 18
Height: 5’7
Weight: 135 lbs.
Build: Skinny, lean, twiggy, whatever you want to call it. Lou is pretty slim. His musculature is well hidden on his scrawny frame, though; he can easily hold both his own weight and his sisters on the trapeze.
Origin: Topeka, Kansas
Languages: English with a very slight southern drawl, better Russian than his sister, worse Slovakian than his sister, and very broken bits and pieces of Chinese.
Occupation: Acrobats with the Circus
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Eyes: Baby-blue
Hair: Short, somewhat messy dark brown hair.
Scars: Lou got his hand caught in the gate to the lion pen once, and as a result, his pinky and ring finger on his left hand are slightly mangled, and do not bend.
Fur/Markings: Louis and Louise have very similar fur; a dark cream undercoat, with dark lilac points. As with all snowshoes, he has white-socked hands and feet, and his face is mottled with speckles of both white and dark brown on top of his lilac mask. His fur in short.
Attire: Lou and his sister’s duet acts are usually meant to be somewhat comical, and many of his costumes match hers. From simple leotards to full on waist-coated suits, it all depends on the type of performance that night. When not performing, he liked to dress simply, but sharp. Slacks, shined shoes (that his sister nicked for him) and a nice pressed vest over a white shirt is his usual look. If his sister drags him out to hustle some unsuspecting drunks at the billiards table, he’ll throw on one of his nice jackets, and maybe a tie.
Accessories: Louis isn’t one for fussiness. He doesn’t like hats, detests most ties, and only ever loses cufflinks. He likes to keep things simple, no accessories.
WOC: Louis, like Louise, has never shot a gun, though that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to. In terms of weapons, he has his deceptively charming smile, and that’s about it.

Appearance: While rather short for a boy his age, what Lou lacks in height, he makes up for in raw charm and slightly effeminate good looks. His face is a near exact mirror of his sister’s; heartshaped, with a slightly more defined jawline and chin, with round eyes, that are nearly always half-lidded in his case, and pointed ears that sit high up on his head. His features are sweet, almost too sweet for a boy, and are nearly always stained with a cynical little smirk. He has perfect posture, of course, and a long tail that has a small crooked bend towards the tip, that he was born with.

Personality: Lou is very quiet. Both of the twins are not what you’d call verbose, but Lou is especially tight-lipped. When he does speak, it’s usually to his sister. And if it is to anyone else, his voice is very soft, almost unnervingly so. Everything about Lou dangles on the precipice of ‘vaguely offsetting’. The few words he does say are usually very charming and well-chosen, and he comes across as a well-spoken and educated young man (though he’s never been to school a day in his life) But from his looks to the quiet, snakelife carefulness he carries himself with to his soft, deceptive words, Lou radiates a sort of uneasy calm. Those that meet him are usually initially drawn to his peaceful, polite manner, but soon grow slightly uneasy. He doesn’t dislike that about himself.
One advantage to this is that he has become an excellent gambler. And if there’s one thing Lou likes, it’s gambling. He’s become quite the card shark over the years, and with the help of his sister, can usually find himself on the winning end of any given hand. His poker-face cannot be beat, and one unnerving, half-lidded look from the somewhat offputting young man, and he can get anyone to fold, no matter how bad his own hand might be.
Lou would much rather win a round of cards with his own talent, but he’s not above hustling, either. He’s quite good at feigning ignorance to a given game, and he’s especially deadly at darts. It doesn’t hurt that others usually write him off for his stature, and he enjoys the look of shock on other’s faces when he proves them wrong. With Louise with him, the two cannot be beat.
Lou is good at keeping his mouth shut. Back in Kentucky, he and Louise struck a small fortune after Lou overheard some information about a fixed race. He’s quite good as eavesdropping, and he and his sister take great joy in digging up dirt on others to use against them. The two of them are efficient and dangerous, and Louis considers it his contribution to society that they two of them have not yet pulled any heist bigger than nicking hair clips from a department store. He’s very confident that if they should ever want to, they’d be able to pull off bigger crimes than petty theft and illegal gambling. And that is a future that Louis very much looks forward to.
Lou is well-suited to his life, and he enjoys the life he leads, but often times, he wishes things could be simpler. He carries a great deal of resentment towards his mother and aunt for abandoning him and Louise, and has always felt responsible for keeping his sister safe and sound, which he feels shouldn’t have to be his responsibility. He’s terrified of becoming like the only family he’s ever known, and so as a result, obsessively clings to his sister as a lifeline. He has no time in his life or his mind to worry about anyone else. He’s terrified of having kids, even though he thinks he might like them, because he doesn’t want to end up abandoning them like his mother did.

Special skills: Gambling, sneaking, slight-of-hand tricks, card tricks, trapeze flying, trick riding.
Weaknesses: Any sort of physical fighting, and kids. He can’t act cruel or deceptively towards children.
Fears: Poverty, losing Louise, Louise getting hurt, casino and speakeasy security
Likes: Gambling, absinthe, playing cards, performing, kids.
Dislikes: His mother, his great-great-aunt, Russian food, Southern food.
Religion: Much like Louise, Louis doesn’t much care about religion, though he does think that there might be some kind of higher power up there.
Orientation: Gay? Bi? He certainly doesn’t have any interest in women. And then again, he doesn’t have much of an interest in men, either. It’s honestly up in the air, and Louis isn’t about to start caring about it.
Love Interest: None


History: Marjorie Tressler became pregnant out of wedlock when she was 15. Her family first attempted to get the father to wed her at gunpoint, but when his clan didn’t take kindly to such actions, the Tresslers doubled back and followed plan B; disown Marjorie, and forget that little embarrassment of a harlot was ever a part of their family. Marjorie, who was a native of southern Georgia, fled the state and sought out her estranged great-aunt in Kansas, who reluctantly took the girl in. Marjorie herself was small, but hadn’t realized she’d been carrying twins until they were actually born.
Louise and Louis Tressler were born just after midnight during a thunderstorm in Marjorie’s Aunt’s sitting room. They were both undersized infants, and deathly quiet. The only break Marjorie ever received in life was that her newborn twins usually slept through the night without a fuss. But nothing else came easy to the poor girl; without work, her and her great-aunt lived in abject poverty on the outskirts of Topeka, and she was forced to take up begging to keep the mitch-match family from starving. This went on for years while the twins grew, and when they were old enough to start school, they couldn’t, because Marjorie could not afford their uniforms.
At her wit’s end, a 19 year old Marjorie ran off one night, leaving her children with their hostile great-great-aunt without so much as a goodbye. It only took about a week of the kid’s incessant questions as to where their mother went for their relative to grow tired of them. Without Marjorie around to protect them, Louise and Louis became their aunt’s punching bag, and as a result, spent a lot of time away from the hovel they called home.
Just after their sixth birthday, the twins found themselves sneaking into a big-top circus tent that had rolled into town. With wide eyes, they watched as the lion tamer subdued the mightiest of beasts, as the clowns brought the entire audience to laughter, and finally as the acrobats seemingly defied gravity. To say they were entranced was an understatement. And having very little emotional connection to their one and only caregiver, they wordlessly decided that night to try and sneak onto the Circus caravan, and travel around with them to see more shows. Unfortunately for them, they were caught. Fortunately for them, they were caught as Louis was hanging from the top of a boxcar by his knees, hoisting his sister up by her arms.
To say the two were coerced into running away with the circus would be robbing the twins of their agency; they willingly went. They were taken on at first to simply clean up after acts each night, sweep the bleachers, clean out the animal cages, ect ect. But it wasn’t long until they were being taught floor routines by the clowns, and eventually trapeze routines by the acrobats. The two of them had a certain knack for tossing themselves through the air. They simply had no fear of falling. By the age of twelve, they were seasoned performers, and by 16, were headlining the show.
And that’s where they are these days. Their show has been making the rounds on the East Coast recently, and has stopped over in St. Louis for an extended stay.

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