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 Post subject: Alice Kingery
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:06 pm GMT 
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Name: Alice Kingery
Aliases: None
Species: Calico, with bits of tabby
Birthdate: January 12, 1907
Age: 19
Height: 5’6”
Weight: She refuses to share
Build: Petite
Origin: St. Louis
Languages: English, passable Italian
Occupation: Singer at King’s Ransom
Ethnicity: Italian-American

Appearance: Alice is a petite girl, with olive skin and dark hair like her father, but she has her mother’s bright blue eyes that tend to stand out with her darker features.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, cut into a bob, slightly wavy
Scars: None
Fur/Markings: Not My Image
Attire: Flapper fashions mostly, she’s obsessed with the latest style
Accessories: various bits of jewelry to complement whatever she’s currently wearing
WOC: Her father has taught her to shoot, but she’s nervous with guns and is no fighter.
Personality: Alice is bright and cheerful, always willing to talk. She loves being the center of attention and dreams of being a famous singer. For now, however, she settles for singing at her father’s speakeasy. It’s rare to see Alice without a smile and she is an optimist at heart. She can often be seen as one of those who are ‘annoyingly cheerful’ and unnaturally optimistic about life. Don’t mistake it for being naive, however. Her father raised her to be sharp and perceptive. She just prefers to look on the bright side of things. She also has inherited her father’s love of baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Also, Alice is incredibly superstitious, almost to a fault. She'll be incredibly nervous if she breaks a superstition, and often will go out of her way to follow another if she thinks it will bring her good luck or ward off bad.

Special skills: She has a great singing voice. Is an excellent cook and dancer.
Weaknesses: She can’t resist chatting up people, especially cute guys. Loves the latest fashions and can sometimes spend a bit too much on them. Can be overly talkative and too cheerful for other’s liking.
Fears: Storms (mainly the thunder and lightning), lonleliness, open water, being on boats
Likes: Singing, dancing, sweets, whiskey, cute boys, baseball
Dislikes: Boats, vodka, oranges
Religion: Catholic

Family: Her father, David. Grandparents in New York that have visited occasionally. Family in Italy she barely knows.
History: Alice is your typical girl who has grown up in St. Louis. There has been nothing that stands out in her life, except for the fact that she is the one that talked her father into turning their empty basement into a speakeasy. She began singing there after a year and has loved it since.

Orientation: Straight
Love Interest: None, hopefully looking.

Feel free to PM, I often have nothing going on.

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