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 Post subject: David Kingery
PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:33 pm GMT 
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Name: David Kingery
Aliases: None
Species: Calico
Birthdate: July 16, 1887
Age: 39
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 132lbs
Build: Average, with leaning towards muscular
Origin: New York City, New York
Languages: English, Italian
Occupation: Owner of Kingery Cuts Barber Shop and King’s Ransom speakeasy.
Ethnicity: Italian-American

Appearance: David is a tall man with olive skin, dark-haired, but his eyes are lighter. He was a slightly muscular build and can be stronger than he appears, and he is often dressed fashionably.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: black, cut short
Scars: None
Fur/Markings: Not My Image
Attire: Slacks and button-down shirts mostly, with occasional vests.
Accessories: A silver pocketwatch that belonged to his father.
WOC: bowie knife he keeps on him at all times, though he’s a good shot with a revolver or a shotgun when necessary.
Personality: David is a talkative, friendly man, especially with those who come into his barber shop or are visiting his speakeasy. He likes hearing people’s stories and enjoys idle chatting, as well as stamp collecting and baseball games. He is an avid fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Though friendly and talkative, when it comes to his business, he is incredibly protective. He keeps the details of his speakeasy business as secret as possible. He only accepts his alcohol from people he’s known for years and knows he can trust.
The only thing he’s more protective of than his speakeasy, is his eighteen-year-old daughter, Alice. Especially when it comes to men. He has always been incredibly short and harsh towards any boyfriend Alice has had in the past, and does not tolerate any worker at his speakeasy to ‘get any ideas. (One bartender he caught eyeing his daughter far too often ended up with a broken arm barely a week later, though he claims to have gotten it falling down some stairs)

Special skills: He can give a good haircut and shave, has a knack for finding good stamps for his collection. A good shot with a revolver and shotgun.
Weaknesses: His daughter, he can rarely say no to her. He’s a horrible cook.
Fears: His daughter abandoning him, horses, needles.
Likes: Good home cooking, a good bottle of whiskey, chatting with customers.
Dislikes: Men looking at his daughter in any fashion, deliveries being late, chocolate
Religion: Catholic

Family: His parents still live in New York, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Italy. In St. Louis, there is just his daughter Alice.
History: David’s parents were from Italy and came to the United States at a young age, where they opened a small bakery. Three years after settling in, they had David, and he grew up a normal life among other immigrants in New York City. Just out of high school, he fell in love with a young woman named Hannah, who was visiting from St. Louis. So much so that he followed her back to her home city where their whirlwind romance continued, and Hannah was soon pregnant. What Hannah wasn’t, however, was a woman who wanted to settle down with a family. She tried at first. She stayed long enough with David through his opening of a barber shop, and soon gave birth to their daughter, Alice. However, the truth of being a mother and a housewife was not something Hannah could grow to want and one day, David woke up to find Hannah just gone, leaving him to raise their daughter alone.

He did the best he could, raising Alice to be a bright, confident young woman and it was her suggestion, when Prohibition began, to break into the underground business of speakeasies. David had plenty of space in the deep basement of his barber shop and he soon took care to make sure the entrance was well-hidden. He got in contact with close friends to build connections and alcohol supply, and soon had his speakeasy, King’s Ransom, was open for business.

Orientation: Straight
Love Interest: Not in the slightest bit interested.

Feel free to PM, I often have nothing going on.

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 Post subject: Re: David Kingery
PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:23 pm GMT 

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Okay I like this guy! He is the kind of guy that handles the illegal liquor business with ease. Plus he is literally one of the most protective people I have seen when it comes down to Family, I mean he broke one of his own bartenders' ARM just for staring at his daughter! That I gotta give props to, I deem him the Gentlemen Badass!

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