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 Post subject: Lucca Orsini
PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:19 pm GMT 

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Name: Lucca Orsini
Aliases: Luke, or Little Bear by his close friends and family.
Species: Cat - Egyptian Mau/Turkish Angora mix
Birthdate: December 1st, 1900
Age: 27
Height: 5'10
Weight: 155 lbs.
Build: Lean muscle, mostly, with a dash of lingering boyhood softness to him. Try as he might, he just doesn't have it in him to have the intimidatingly large muscles he desires, and he mostly looks a bit wiry, and on a bad day, just plain gangly. He's got somewhat narrow shoulders, but large hands and feet. He likes to imagine he looks like a hardened brawler, but he really only looks like an over-excited scrapper.
Origin: Trieste, Italy
Languages: Perfect Italian and heavily accented, though grammatically perfect English.
Occupation: Manages his father's gin distillery, and subsequent distribution.
Ethnicity: Italian

Eyes: Dark, stormy gray-blue eyes
Hair: Black, a bit on the shaggy side. Not as naturally curly as his cousins, it falls straight down, into his eyes most of the time.
Scars: His hands and arms are riddles with small pock-like scars, from an explosion at the distillery several years back. He has several very small scars on his right cheek from the explosion as well, and one of his ears, the right one, is notched from an incident with an older cousin.
Fur/Markings: His base coat is lighter than his father's, a very muted sandy brown, and his spots likewise are paler and fewer than his old man's. The pattern of his spots and stripes are quintessential Mau, though, just a duller medium brown, as apposed to the usual dark brown/black. His ears and forehead are the same medium brown, solidly colored like his mother's markings. Down his spine and tail runs a slightly darker stripe, that ends in a dark-brown tail-tip. He has medium-length fur, though no guard-hairs, and as a result, is sometimes teased about his 'fuzziness' on humid days. His tail is bushy like his mother's.
Attire: Being the son of his organization's founder, and the acting boss when his father isn't around, Lucca has the luxury of dressing a bit nicer than the rest of his cousins and coworkers, even if he doesn't always choose to exercise this privilege. His usual, every-day attire consists of sturdy canvas trousers, some jerry-rigged suspenders and whatever shirt he has lying around, with the sleeves pushed up past his elbows. If he's feeling a bit fancy, he'll toss on a coat and some decently-shined shoes. If he's feeling REALY fancy (AKA his mother makes him) he'll put on a proper button-up and vest, and might even spring for some proper back slacks as well. But he's not really one for fancy things, anyway.
Accessories: An assortment of 'heirloom ties' (AKA his father's ratty old ties that he won't let Lucca toss out) and golden cufflinks he received for his 21st birthday, and has only worn twice. He can normally be seen with either canvas gloves on, or else bandaged hands. He likesto keep his hands protected after the explosion.
WOC: Lucca owns an assortment of guns. Well, really, they're his father's guns. He's the only one who ever uses them, though. Of the five in his family's possession, three are standard Browning's automatic rifles, and one is an archaic old thing that could barely propel dust into an asthmatic's face. The fifth is Lucca's favorite, though, and what he affectionately refers to as his 'Darling', his self-modified sawed-off shotgun. Crafting the volatile weapon with his own hands at 22, it's his preferred gun, and he never lets anyone else handle it. He's not what you'd call a crack-shot, but he's decent at worst, and fairly lethal at very best.
Appearance: One of the tallest in his family, Lucca cuts a rough picture in family portraits. A broad nose on low cheekbones, his eyes appear perpetually droopy, and are shadowed by a heavy brow-line and eyebrows. His face is a somewhat slim oval, with thin lips that seem to fall too easily into a sneer. Large ears sit low on his head, and along with whiskers that seem all-together too long for his face. Lucca is missing a tooth, his upper right canine. Overall, besides his shadowed eyes, one might say he had a bit of a baby face, which is why he grows out his sideburns.
Personality: Lucca is an interesting fellow. There's many layers to him, and it takes a lot of work to work past each one. On the surface, he's a hardworking guy. From afar, he'd seem pretty average, if not a bit crabby. He tends to focus too hard on any one task, and can find himself snappy and angry if distracted from his current goal. Get to know him a little better, and you'll see he tends to act a little bit like an ass. He picks on his younger cousins quite a bit, especially Sylvie, whom he calls the 'bastard-cousin' behind her back. He may seem a bit cold-hearted because of this, but dig a bit more and you'll see he only picks on her because he feels insecure in his own standing in the family. He is fiercely loyal to his clan and heritage, and holds his father on a pedestal of prestige. He's terrified of disappointing his old man, and does anything he can to comfort himself, and reassure himself of his standing and status within the family, which includes bringing his cousin down to make himself feel better.
Beneath that, you'll find that the reason for this insecurity within the family stems from his insecurity in both his masculinity, and sexuality. Lucca has always known he was gay, and that has terrified him. Growing up in the Catholic church, even within his family of 'lazy-Catholics', he tried to hide suppress it, and for a while, it was working fine. But after a slip-up, his sexuality was revealed to his mother and father, who took it as a breech of their trust. Lucca lives in a state of constant fear and instability, wondering if today might be another slip-up for him. No one else is yet aware of his dirty little secret, and he would rather keep it that way. His bullying of younger cousins and coworkers stems from his sense of obligatory hyper-masculinity, which has always been called into question due to his lean and wiry physique, and somewhat boyish looks. He has an insane drive to prove himself, to both his father and himself, that he is a strong man of the Orsini line. At his very core, deep down, even when it's actively being suppressed, Lucca is just an approval-driven little boy. He wants to make his family proud of him, and he goes about it in the only way he knows how.
Lucca has so many layers as a result of the high, guarded walls he erects around himself It's difficult to break them down, and as a result, outside of family, Lucca has few friends. He's reluctant to make his father suspicious of him, so he has no male non-family friends. He finds it sometimes exhausting, but the few friends he does have are all female. This has the added benefit of making him appear to be a ladies man, which he feels is a good thing, even if he doesn't necessarily want to be one. He isn't especially charming around women, he simply is not nervous around them, which gives him more of a sense of confidence when with them.
The one time Lucca did have someone he cared about, though, he was nervous. He felt constantly nervous. And not just because he was trying to keep his homosexual relationship a secret. Around crushes, Lucca becomes an incoherent mess. His hyper-masculinity dissolves, and he becomes clumsy and tongue-tied. He becomes frustrated often as a result, and can have little outbursts when the tension gets too high. But he's extremely protective of those he cares about, family or romantic interests, to the point of becoming a bit paranoid with jealousy.
Special skills: Can take any clock apart and put it back together, is bilingual, proficient at handfishing.
Weaknesses: Threats to his masculinity, his father's disapproval, being confined in tight, fancy clothing, dimples.
Fears: Having his sexuality revealed, disownment, disappointing his father.
Likes: Spare ribs, high quality rum, fist-fighting, driving, reading English-language books.
Dislikes: High-pitched voices, his family's frugality, fancy clothing, hats.
Religion: Lazy, "we only go to church twice a year, on Easter and Christmas" Catholic

History: Lucca Orsini spent all of two minutes in Italy. After his Uncle fled the family in search of 'adventure' or some such useless, idealistic crap, Lucca's father announced that fortune was to be gained in America, and attempted to follow the renegade Orsini. Uprooting the entire family, Lucca went with his Mother and father to Louisiana at age five. Settling there for quite some time, they were eventually joined by Uncle Claus, and then five years later, by Uncle Claus' estranged lover and bastard-daughter. Lucca had no personal opinion on the then five year old Sylvie, though over the years, his parent's dislike of the girl and her mother rubbed off on him, and he took to picking on her with several of his other cousins. It was one of his favorite past times.
As soon as Lucca was old enough to realize he never saw any families with two dads, he also realized the fact that he preferred boys over girls was wrong. His father's staunch opposition to homosexuals didn't help. He was sure he could overcome it, though, and learn to like girls just like every other boy his age, but by sixteen, he had yet to date a girl. And that was when Ryland came along. A fellow classmate, Ryland Thompson had the charming personality and dashing good looks that made all the girls at school pine after him. He was laid back, confident, easy to talk to, funny as all hell, had the biggest brown eyes Lucca had ever seen, and a set of dimples to match. He was everything Lucca hadn't known he'd wanted in a partner, and he spent much too long pining after the boy he thought would never reciprocate his feelings. At eighteen, after a high-tension friendship of two years, Ryland must have gleaned what Lucca's sweaty palms and nervous glances met, and bridged the gap between them.
Their secret relationship lasted nearly a full year, before they were discovered. Lucca was just a bit too careless. He was a bit too lazy. Their cover was blown when his father walked into something he wished he'd never seen, and after, Lucca never saw Ryland again. A hushed meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Thompson resulted in an agreement to never let this dirty secret leak. Not long after, the Orsini clan picked up, and moved to St Louis, "for better business prospects". Lucca knew the truth. It was to keep him away from the only thing that had ever really tempted him.
His years since have been spent in quiet, uneasy peace. Lucca worked his way back into his father's good graces, receiving management of the distillery at 25. He now attempts to keep to himself, so as not to tempt himself back into a life that would cut him off from the only support network he's ever known. It isn't easy, not by a longshot, and recently within the last year, he's taken up organized fighting and gambling, in an attempt to work out his anger and frustration at his suppressed desires and secret life.
Orientation: Gay
Love Interest: None


 Post subject: Re: Lucca Orsini
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HANDFISHING. Hahaha, fantastic. I mean, he's a great character overall, but especially... just... handfishing.

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 Post subject: Re: Lucca Orsini
PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:27 pm GMT 

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They lived in Louisiana, how could he not be into Handfishing? Haha!!

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