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Rejects your normality
 Post subject: Redmond "Red" Kelly
PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 12:59 pm GMT 
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Custom Title: Rejects your normality
Name: Redmond Kelly

Nicknames: Goes by "Red" with her friends and family. Also been called the Fire Cat.

Birth date: 9/9/09 (at the start of the events of Lackadaisy in 1927 she is Eighteen)

Place of birth: New York City

Current Residence: St. Louis

Eyes: Green

Fur/Markings: Tawny fur. She has distinct freckles on her cheeks.

Hair: Long red hair that reaches past her shoulders.

Height/ Build: While her height is average for a young woman her age, she has a very attractive body, able to turn heads of males as she passes by and make some girls jealous.

Attire: She is typically dressed in a flapper attire when out on the town but while in school she dresses more sensibly. Her favorite colors are red of green.

Accessories: A necklace with a green Irish marble carved into a heart given to her by her family to remember them and her heritage.

Ethnicity: Irish

Languages: English

Occupation: Student at a local university and seeking employment. Sees herself as a singer on the stage.

Weapon of choice: Her charms and quick thinking. She does know how to fight with kicks and punches.

Preferred transportation: Her bicycle

Personality: Energetic, hyperactive, independent, willing to stand up for what she believes in, very optimistic to the point of being naive, has a tendency to day dream, holds a grudge and has a long memory but can quickly easily forgive, street wise, can have a fiery temper, hopeless romantic.

Special skills: Knows how to navigate the seedy streets, can talk her way out of many problems, has a good memory, is very head strong, good singing voice.

Weaknesses: She is very naive, which has the tendency to get her into trouble.

Fears: Red fears that she will never be famous as a singer or that she will never fall in love.

Likes: Flowers, jazz and music in general, the flapper lifestyle, excitement, candy especially anything minty.

Dislikes: Mean people,those who treat her as a child, those who want to stop her from having fun, etc.

History: Born in New York, her parents moved there from Ireland earlier in 1870. She was named Redmond due to her red hair. Despite the treatment against Irish her parents managed to open a apothecary and had a good grasp of English. Their living conditions in their tenement housing, however, left Red to often sneak out and spend much of her days and nights exploring the streets. She became very street wise that way, including how to fight off would be criminals willing to take advantage of her. She learned where and where not to go, how to talk her way out of a situation, and even how to use her charms to get others to do what she wants.

Hoping for a better life, her parents saved as much as they could and sent her to college in St. Louis, hoping that the change would do her good. When she got there she was already deep into the suffragette movement and the flapper culture and seeing the face paced life in her new surroundings she embraced the city as a chance to forge her own life. If only she focused more on her studies than what she wore and the places she wanted to be maybe then her dreams would come true!

"I think I'm going to like it here" - Red upon seeing the nightlife of St. Louis.

Characters: Curtis Sable, Private Eye-

Redmond "Red" Kelly -

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