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Cheshire King
 Post subject: Arthur McCoy
PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:29 am GMT 
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Name: Arthur McCoy

Aliases: Arty, Bookworm

Species: Marbled Tabby Cat

Birthdate: April 11, 1899

Age: 28

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 160 lbs.

Build: Slim with little flab

Origin: Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his mother was born in Berlin, while his father resides from Galway, Ireland.

Languages: English, slight Irish accent.

Occupation: Librarian

Ethnicity: German/Irish

Eyes: Light Brown

Hair: Brown and Black

Scars: None worth mentioning

Fur/Markings: Stripe-like patterns like ink blots all over him except for his stomach, which is white furred.

Attire: Pin-striped dress shirt, with a patched, old brown jacket, and matching dress pants. He wears reading glasses, but not very often. His ties are normally solid colored, red or bright green.

Accessories: Keeps a pen in his inner jacket pocket, one that was given to him by someone important. It is hand-carved and holds all four jacket symbols for playing cards, hearts, clubs etc.

WOC: None

Appearance: Has a lanky, nonathletic look to him. Many would consider him the egghead type, one that is a thinker, and not much of an activist. Though, he looks quite serious all the time, he does smile, and has remarkably straight teeth. His neutral face looks like a frown, he will assure people that he is not unhappy, just deep in thought.

Personality: He has quite the sense of humor, though he does not bring it out much around strangers. With those he does not know, he doesn't talk a great amount, and can seem very serious. His humor, however, is very dry, though some consider him hilarious. He has a girlfriend, and she see's the brunt of his humor. He is especially calculating when he is confronted with a problem. He is very intelligent, but he does not flaunt it.

Special skills: He is very learned, his intelligence is great, and his wisdom is great beyond his age. While he is not athletic, he is strong enough to hold his own in everyday activities.

Weaknesses: He is rather enclosed in his work, being in the library most of his life, he is believed to have lived under a rock his whole life. The workings of the outside world can be rather confusing to Arthur.

Fears: Fire, one of his greatest fears is all of his life burning away in a fire, his books, his home, and the hope for a family.

Likes: Books, ancient history, teaching, and mythology

Dislikes: Fire, loud customers of his library, and those who belittle his intelligence.

Religion: Christian (though not especially serious about it.)

History: Born to Alby McCoy, and Cassidy (Originally Cacile) McCoy in Philadelphia, PA. Having gone through school all the way up to college in Penn State University, young Arthur became especially intrigued with all types of literature. When a very aristocratic friend from PSU offered him a job at his grandfather's library, Arthur needed no extra incentive. Without delay, he traveled by train to St. Louis, Missouri and took over at the Ester Williams Library. Though it was not the largest library he had ever seen, he familiarized himself with the entire inventory of books in that wonderful building.

Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: Ariel Madison

Quotes: Coming soon.

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 Post subject: Re: Arthur McCoy
PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:56 am GMT 
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I'm no expert but this looks pretty good for your first creation! (At least, on this forum :P)

Book loving characters are commoner then you think on here, trust me. If you're looking to RP, there's also the 'Looking for...' thread on the OOC Discussion that is frequented often :D

I would offer myself up but taking on an extra RP when my finals are soon is a baaaaaad idea, man...

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 Post subject: Re: Arthur McCoy
PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:58 am GMT 
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Great character! I'm sure he and Tobias would get along quite well.

Available for hire: Tobias Förstner.

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