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 Post subject: Violet Thomson
PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:39 pm GMT 
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This is a revamp of an older character, Willow Fielding. A complete overhaul and redesign as I never had much interest in Maple, but thoroughly enjoyed the idea of younger Will. Overall, however, this is a new character heavily influenced by Will.

Name: Violet (her last name is Thomson, but she is unaware of this)
Species: Spotted Tabby
Birthdate: She assumes later than 1900
Age: She assumes around 20
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 97lbs
Build: Slim, underweight
Origin: Unknown. She’s been all over.
Languages: English
Occupation: Pickpocket, recently has taken up being a thief-for-hire and partner-in-crime to one Richard Swain
Ethnicity: Irish-American, though she has no accent

Violet is a scrawny woman, short and underweight. She often tries to make herself look like a guy, something that would be easier if she cut short her hair but she's so far refused to do that. She wears oversized, dirty clothes and usually keeps her hair hidden under a paperboy cap. She's often covered in dirt and scrapes, and has a few scars from her hard-living life.
Eyes: brown
Hair: red, long around her shoulders and uneven. Often hidden under her hat, done in a tight braid.
Scars: Various, several cuts and scrapes. Most noticeable scar on her right cheek close to her jawline, and a notch in her left ear.
Fur/Markings: Not My Image
Attire: Men's clothes, mostly. She prefers to be in clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in.
Accessories: None.
WOC: She keeps a dagger on her for defense.
Personality: Violet is very cynical, as she’s spent a life alone and looking out for herself. She doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t intend to. She tends to be a smartass when she does have to be around others. She loves being on her own or sitting on the edge of rivers or other bodies of water. She has always had an irrational fear of heights, and simply does whatever she can to avoid them. She loves losing herself in a crowd, and uses her short stature and nondescript clothes (as well as making herself look like a boy) to her advantage to get closer to people without being noticed to pickpocket them. She is fast and agile and if she can’t escape something, she’ll fight and scream bloody murder as a distraction until she can get away. She prefers to get through without a fight, but when cornered she'll do what she can get escape.

Special skills: knife fighting (enough to get by), lock picking, pickpocketing, stealth
Weaknesses: Socializing, reading, heights.
Fears: Heights, cold winters, chickens (she was attacked by one as a kid)
Likes: Being on her own, having food
Dislikes: People, chickens, feeling idle
Religion: Athiest

Family: None
History: Violet has been on her own for as long as she can remember. Her earliest memories are hiding on train cars, going from city to city. She can’t remember ever having a regular meal, or a roof over her head that wasn’t leaking or made of boxes. She’s always been alone, and always been on the streets. She’s moved from city to city, stowing away on trains mostly. So far, she’s managed to avoid police and keeps herself out of sight by sticking to pickpocketing and shoplifting mostly, though she has branched into stealing from stores when desperate for cash. The longest she’s stayed in one place is a few months, again to keep herself off the radar of police she never stays somewhere long. St. Louis is simply the latest stop in her constant move from one city to another.

Orientation: Straight
Love Interest: She’s never been interested

Feel free to PM, I often have nothing going on.

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