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 Post subject: Sy Corcoran
PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:28 am GMT 
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Full Name: Silas 'Sy' Corcoran
Aliases: None
Birthdate: December 9, 1898
Place of Birth: New York
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Build: On the slender side. Keeps a slim figure but he'd be breathless running two blocks.
Languages: English
Occupation: Concierge at Maribel Hotel / Low level enforcer for Marigold
Ethnicity: Scots-Irish American (3rd generation)

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Gray-brown
Scars: None
Attire: Spiffy on and off the job. Typically means a snazzy suit vest for comfort, but he'll wear the jacket if it's weather or company appropriate.
Accessories: Flower cuff-links he swears represent the establishment and aren't effeminate.
WOC: A '20 model .22 Browning he's never used. Knows how to, in theory, but it's mostly for brandishing as a deterrent. He's not paid to get his hands dirty like that.
Appearance: Pink collar through and through. Likes looking smart and doesn't mind that his job gives him the excuse to.

Personality: Sy's a charmer. He's easy, funny, and doesn't mind getting friendly-- especially with someone worth having in his corner. He's especially good at talking people in circles, to their entertainment or chagrin. No one would ever call him a genius, but Sy's got more than a little practice lying out the wazoo.
The most profound wisdom he's incorporated is this: a balance of ambition and keeping your head down. Sure he wants to move up the ladder-- but staying useful and in good favor (not to mention keeping your thinking bits safe in your skull) is even better, and Sy ain't about to fix what's not broke. That's not to say he doesn't like the privilege his meager role in the Marigold machine affords him. Sy's gotten comfy in his life in St. Louis, maybe too much so. It's not unheard of for colleagues to make fun behind his back, but mostly he's regarded as a harmless, generally competent sort.
He's also as some contemporary academics would term a bonafide homosexual, though outside of the closed doors of currently unoccupied Maribel rooms he does his best not to show it. It's a good act, sorta. The most anyone can say for certain is that he's just as friendly with men as he is women, and being a nice guy ain't strictly criminal.

Special skills: Cooking a mean dinner, placating unruly guests. Attempting to lend a hand with bookkeeping when a certain golden boy was with more sordid work and making an utter botch of it that taught him about overstepping.
Hobbies: Picking up chocolate bapka every Sunday morning, shagging bellboys, perfecting his Fred Astaire.
Weaknesses: Beyond chronic ticklishness-- Sy's not much of a fighter. Out of shape since forever. Scraps and shootouts aren't his thing.
Fears: Heights, which is one of a few reasons why he doesn't take his Ethels up for rooftop necking anymore. Also being found out for queer -- for reputation purposes at work, and self-preservation purposes in his private life.
Likes: Good-lookin' guys, older or younger. Good take-out. Good reasons to delegate work and continue sitting around looking pretty.
Dislikes: Police officers on principle. Hobos, riff-raff. Anyone who can't dress.
Religion: Thinks it's cute, mainly. No time for God when there's green to be had.

History: A modest family in Buffalo, NY, the Corcorans never really wanted for nor amounted to much of anything. Perfectly middle-class. Always on the cusp of well-off or struggling, depending on the year, and carrying all the desperation inherent.
Richard Corcoran was too old for the Selective Service when it came, and a teenage Sy managed to have been born late for all but the last registration of 1918 two months before war's end. When Uncle Sam finally did come knocking Sy packed up and left dodge rather than be branded a slacker, excommunicating himself from his family in the process-- not the least of which because he stole a hundred dollars from his father to get by on.

Some tumultuous but not entirely fruitless years later he wound up in St. Louis, having usually erred opposite the law when it came to work and gravitating toward the center of the booze flow and the gangs that followed as luck would have it. Being hired by the hotel that ran the (second) largest speakeasy operation was a happy coincidence; having waited on the right people in his time as a waiter at the Bevo Mill. They found his flattery tasteful and he was inducted into the staff, and soon Marigold. Within five years' he'd kissed the right posteriors and not screwed up too egregiously, landing himself a cushy position as one of the Maribel's several concierges-- not to mention as a necessary adjutant for Marigold's business in and out of the hotel.

Things at Marigold have been shaking up lately. Some call it interesting, but Sy just hopes the trouble is worth the risk. So long as he stays out of the way of the triple-threat tag team the boss has running amok, things shouldn't get so hairy he has to consider an honest life.

Orientation: Gay
Love Interest: None / Various casual


 Post subject: Re: Sy Corcoran
PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:37 pm GMT 
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I like him, he'll foil Edward quite nicely. :mrgreen:

I think there are rules against using Tracy's characters, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Edward Wright Racist old Texan gunsmith out for revenge.

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