Possible Partnerships ((Webwood))
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Author:  Webwood [ Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:56 am GMT ]
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Warren smiled back at Alice, unsure whether Alice leaning on the table indicated boredom or interest. Warren generally floundered when he was in the company of women, but it seemed to him that his quirks and habits were somehow keeping Alice’s attention, to his benefit. He enjoyed her company, and hopefully she was enjoying his too.

At the mention of Warren being a writer, he laughed, “A writer? Well I suppose if you consider writing academic papers and proposals writing, then yes, I am a writer.” Warren flipped through his Iodine stained notebook, “although, I have tried to write fiction on occasion.” He looked around conspiratorially, and then added, “and don’t tell my colleagues, but I do enjoy the occasional romance novel. They're a refreshing change from the information-dense books I usually read”, motioning to the books he brought this evening.

Warren took a sip of the wine David gave him, savouring it for a moment. It was flavourful, and well-aged, like something from his parents secret collection. “Alice, I must mention that the wine your father stocks is quite to my liking.”

Author:  Kris Pilar [ Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:18 am GMT ]
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Alice was, in fact, enjoying Warren's company as well. He was different from the usual sort that came through and he was a bit attractive, in a bookish sort of way. The way he tended to babble was also endearing, to Alice at least.

"I must say, I've never really met a man who enjoys a good romance story," she said, giving Warren a grin to let him know she wasn't teasing him. Then when he mentioned the wine, she gave a small giggle.

"Dad must think you'll be a big spender," she said. She had a habit of being honest to a fault. "He almost never pulls out the wine. We get it from my grandparents, who smuggle it in from Italy."

Author:  Webwood [ Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:25 pm GMT ]
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Warren smiled back, adding, “Well, I suppose I am not the most typical man one would meet in a speakeasy. I don’t know. I just enjoy the ambience of an establishment like this.” He gestured to the room around him, the bustling people, the band playing a catchy tune, the general good spirits everyone was in. “Usually I take to reading at home, or somewhere quiet. But I can’t meet people in my dormitory” he said, eyes flitting to Alice, then back to the band on stage “And there is the added benefit of hearing some first-rate music live rather than listening to a record.”

The comments about the wine had Warren surprised. Warren thought his modest attire usually kept his status and wealth well hidden. “Really? I honestly didn’t think I looked like a big spender, what do you think gave me away?” Warren thought his usual vest, though well-tailored, was nothing special. Maybe it’s the argyle tie or my new pants, he thought, fingering the fine weave of his Oxford Bags.

“Well I guess it’s a compliment then, your father providing me with a glass of his wine. I’ll have to thank him” Warren said, glancing to the bar. Hopefully he won’t be too irked by my conversation with his daughter.

Author:  Kris Pilar [ Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:24 am GMT ]
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"Well, I'm glad you decided to grace our little speakeasy," Alice grinned brightly at Warren, and she really meant it. She was enjoying talking (and honestly, flirting) with the man. He was obviously different than the usual type who came through. "And I do love to sing. It's just an added bonus for myself as well as the customers."

"And Dad always has had this way of reading people," Alice gave a shrug, flipping back a loose strand of hair that fell in her face, "I guess he can tell by how someone holds himself, or that's what he tells me."

Author:  Webwood [ Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:39 pm GMT ]
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Warren returned the smile in kind, his face betraying his normally controlled expressions. “I’m glad to have had such admirable company this evening.” He didn’t know exactly why he was so jovial around this particular woman or why she hadn’t been scared off by his bland rhetoric or idle ramblings. That’s not to say that he wanted her to leave, but spoke more to his subconscious predisposition to parse situations apart. “Both your presence and your singing have certainly buoyed my spirits,” he said, swirling and taking a sip of the wine, “That, and this fine beverage your father has graced me with this evening.”

At Alice’s mention of her father’s ability, Warren was quizzical. “Really? That’s very interesting. I never really considered that my body language might reveal my monetary position.” He sat back, thinking for a moment, “I suppose that would be a good skill to acquire when one runs an establishment such as this. I could imagine any number of situations that could be avoided by understanding people’s subtle dialogues.”

Author:  Kris Pilar [ Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:39 am GMT ]
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Alice grinned as she took a sip of her own drink, watching Warren.

"I've never been able to do it like Dad does," she said, "But he says that there's just a way that people will hold themselves, walk, or even the way they speak, that gives away how they were raised. He just has a knack for knowing, I guess."

She gave Warren a soft smile, tucking back a bit of her hair. A light blush had crossed her cheeks when he mentioned her singing. She got complimented all the time, but Alice was the type to always accept a compliment. "I do love to sing. It was my suggestion that we have a band here, and I have to admit, it was a bit selfish on my part. I wanted to be up on the stage." Alice giggled a bit. "I'm just lucky that the people here like it."

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