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 Post subject: Re: Columbus [dvorak]
PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 8:20 pm GMT 
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Ansel's initial reply was little more than a pained smile. Oh yes, he was aware. Because as much as he would have preferred to stay in New York, he had nonetheless done his best to fashion the Saint Louis property into a refuge and a home... as much as a wanderer like Ansel could be said to have a home. He'd had the house remodeled to his taste. Meanwhile he and his staff had lived on the grounds, first in tents, then in the small cabins that lined the far side of the back lawn. And when construction was completed, he'd moved in, filling the house with things that eased his misery: his books, his projects and papers, the photographs and souvenirs of his travels, the people he liked most in the world.

On the one hand, he hated the house and what it represented: an exile, a cage, a burden. On the other hand, it truly had become his refuge, one of very few places where he could find absolute relief from the judgments and demands of the rest of the world (including his unbearable brother and meddling sister, among others). His aversion to the Prytzes was not merely a distaste for the obligations of hosting. Rather, it was everything they represented--not least of which was an incursion into his private sanctuary, upsetting the delicate balance which had kept him, thus far, out of complete and abject misery in his exile. He wondered whether Veronika understood, whether she could even begin to understand.

--no, that wasn't entirely fair. The girl seemed perceptive enough, in her way. Of course she was. Despite the impersonal nature of his proposal, he wouldn't have made the offer to someone he expected would drive him insane. Not that he felt anything for her, but the absence of dislike was at least a better foundation than most high-society marriages were built on these days. Judging from what little he'd seen, he suspected he could become genuinely fond of her in time, if given the chance. And she was young, and nice-looking enough, he supposed, though not really his type.

Outside the doors, her family was waiting.

Rather than reply, he merely stepped ahead to open the doors. And as he did so, she would clearly see the change in his face: from the direct, businesslike man in control of his circumstances, to the distant, distracted expression: he wore absent-mindedness like a mask, and it excused his flaws to the world.

Sent his chauffeur to pick us up at the station... Rooms not prepared, full of taxidermy projects and exotic artifacts... Late to dinner on his guests' first night...

Oh, well, that Vanderberg. Bit absent-minded is all.

And this way, he hoped, the Prytzes would be neither encouraged nor disappointed. Catching a glimpse of his vacant gaze, they would merely assume he had drifted away into his own thoughts, had not paid Veronika enough attention to succumb to her obvious charms. Neither her fault nor his--just the way he was.

So he hoped.

"Very well then, Miss Falck. After you."

"Because studies have shown that dvorak's a genius" - Dass
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 Post subject: Re: Columbus [dvorak]
PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:16 am GMT 
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The days that followed the visits to the zoo followed a rather monotone pattern as far as the Prytzes were concerned. Monotony might drive someone else up the wall, but the couple was instead quite content to finally be allowed to settle in to a feeling that there was at least a little bit of routine; they weren't quite as interested in adventure as Veronika, no matter how tame the ones she cooked up were. While Harald and Louise found the time to calm down Veronika was given a longer and longer leash, something she accepted and utilized with enough tact that her relatives were completely oblivious to her coming and goings. They were fairly convinced that they were managing to trick the young woman in to spending time with Ansel, but this was something she was carefully dodging; the threat that the man would bring up their conversation at the zoo hung in the air, or so she thought. Instead she was spending what time she was given to herself on trying to hold Akku to his promise of helping her find her brother.

She'd finally managed to convinced him in to taking her in to town but rather than feeling excitement bubble up Veronika was getting a sinking feeling in her stomach; already she was having her own naïveté rubbed in her face because she truly had no idea where to start the search. The city was too big to just walk around it asking for someone by Magnus' description, and looking through the telephone directory was likely to prove equally pointless since she rather doubted her brother would be listed there. In France she had possessed two solid clues, an address and a person, but it was sinking in that in fact she might not even be in the right city; for all she knew Magnus had moved on in the time it had taken her in arriving. This was all putting her in a slightly poor mood and she had her arms petulantly crossed across her chest when she loitered around the gate to Ansel's estate. There was no inspiration to be had about what she should do if Akku showed up with even less of a plan than she had. God knows Veronika couldn't bear the thought of admitting her cluelessness, not when she had started this enterprise so long ago and had invested so much time in to it, truly she ought to be on the home stretch now somehow? This part had seemed a lot easier when the hurdles of actually going to America and dodging marriage proposals had still been there to pass.

A welcome breeze rustled the leaves of the trees that cast equally welcome shadows over her as the young woman removed her hat to fan herself a little with it. While the heat of the summer here was finally beginning to become familiar to her she still found that it made her sluggish and her brain feel even more useless. With a sigh of annoyance at everything in general she put the hat back on to again cross her arms and lean back against the gate, even if the metal felt unpleasantly warm against her skin through the thin summer dress she wore. Given her now rather pessimistic view of the world she wouldn't find herself surprised if she managed to faint from dehydration or something else lady-like on the way in to the city, and Akku would have to sneak her back home somehow.

What were their names again...?

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