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Fanboying over whoever's cute!
 Post subject: Marvel Rant
PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:57 am GMT 
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Custom Title: Fanboying over whoever's cute!
Okay, so I don't know how many people on here are familiar with comics... well, probably all of you. But to rephrase that, I don't know how many of you have been following Marvel comics (Not the movies) as of late. Yesterday they released some news that really upset me greatly. I wrote a long rant about it, so here it is from FA and IB. And no, I don't know what compelled me to write it as a letter (As if Marvel would ever read it, right?)

TLDR: I'm sick of Marvel's gimmicky diversity.

Marvel, we need to talk. I am a huge fan – such a huge fan – of you and your characters. But seriously, Marvel, this needs to stop.

Years ago, you just kept publishing story after story about your characters, most of which used to be C or even D-listers, you know, franchises like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Avengers – franchises that people knew but didn’t have a particularly big following. Meanwhile the X-Men took center stage.

Now we’re in 2016 and you’ve managed to dominate the movie industry with a few of your lesser known characters, who are now A-list-superstars. Everyone knows the Avengers, even the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had virtually no big following before.

And jump in between and you introduced All-New, All-Different Marvel. You changed up a few of our favorite characters; you made Sam Wilson the new Captain America, made Jane Foster Lady Thor, had Iceman come out as gay and introduced us to Kamala Khan and Miles Morales. It was clear from the start that your main focus here was diversity.

The diversity was fine and it still is; especially for a country such as America with a mixed population, I see how it can be important to acknowledge all aspects of the population.


I draw the line now!

You have recently announced that Iron Man will no longer be Tony Stark, but rather… Riri Williams… a 15-year-old black girl…

Where do I even begin?!

Listen, I can appreciate diversity. But as a homosexual Asian male, there is nothing more off-putting than this inorganic, gimmicky diversity. We don’t need the Hulk to be Asian; we don’t need Spider-Man to be black; we don’t need Thor to be a woman; we don’t need Iron Man to be the latter two.

The complaint I often hear from other fans is exactly what I’m thinking; what’s wrong with renovating old characters? Marvel, you have so many old characters you could bring back!

Want a black female superhero? Give Monica Rambeau her own title - a pre-established character.

Want a female Iron Man? Give Pepper Potts her own series as Rescue - a pre-established character.

Want more females in general? Bring on some of the old ones! Guardians of the Galaxy became such a smash-hit, so how about instead of making the comic book team exactly like the movie (Yes, I am aware of the current iteration with Kitty Pryde, but I’m referring to the one before), why not introduce some of the older female members to the team? It’d be a great way to make far more people familiar with them! Introduce people to Phyla-Vell, Mantis or Moon Dragon.

In fact, so we’re perfectly clear, I don’t have a problem with changing up the old characters; making Sam Wilson the new Captain America is one of my favorite things that you’ve done. However, my problem lies in creating characters just as a diversity gimmick.

Miles Morales started out in the Ultimate Comics and because of popularity he was moved to the main universe. And back then, it was fine and dandy. But people have grown tired of it.

Instead of removing the Hulk from Bruce Banner and moving that persona to Amadeus Cho, why not just do something interesting with Amadeus Cho instead of this? It’s gimmicky.

One case that I do get is Kamala Khan; the only other Muslim that I can think of, off the top of my head, is Dust. And that again, would be fine… but why call her Miss Marvel? Her powers aren’t remotely similar to any characters with ‘Marvel’ as part of their name. The standard powers for these are super strength and durability, flight and for most energy blasts. But Kamala Khan is elastic?

Oh yeah, and Marvel, more specifically Brian Michael Bendis – we’re not racist for complaining. No, we’re not; I am part of the audience you’re trying to pander to, but on me at least it has the completely opposite effect!

And I hear your other statement; no, this is not about changing our ‘childhood heroes’. First off, I became a huge Marvel fan in my late teens, and a lot of other people did. Second off, this is really about the way you treat diversity.

I don’t want to sound like I think diversity is bad, because really, it isn’t. But it should feel organic. You want to introduce new characters? Fine, but just give them a new name, title, whatever. Don’t take some of your classic characters and give their powers or names to these newcomers.

It feels inorganic and gimmicky to see characters like Iron man literally being replaced by a young, black woman. It is painfully obvious that it is just pandering to a specific demographic and as awesome as it may be for that demographic, it’s off-putting for the rest of us. Again, I couldn’t care less about ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’… which by the way is the dumbest name I’ve ever heard.

I’m losing faith in the comic side of you, Marvel. Your movie division is still amazing. But the movie division is also part of this issue; the MCU movies are produced by you, Marvel Studios. So it seems rather… curious that you’d coincidentally can the Fantastic Four and completely ignore the X-Men… very curious.

I don't know what the future will bring, but please... can we just stop with this gimmicky diversity? Please, I'm so sick of it.

Rant over.


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