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Embodiment of contradictions
 Post subject: Honest opinions here
PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:47 pm GMT 
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Custom Title: Embodiment of contradictions
Should I divulge myself to those around me and subjugate myself to their misplaced idiocy as they treat me like a child and further mistrust me with even basic concepts or withhold it like I've always done and see if I can't keep up the wheat thresher in my chest for another twenty years.

It's just little things right now but I know these people and I know they'll do it bigger and worse the more I tell them. They distrust me because I take medication, blame me because I see a psych, avoid me because I have therapy, and abuse me because they think personality disorders and psychosis means retardation. I still haven't said anything about what I do in that therapy, what I say to that psych, what kind of disorders I have, and what they tell me back. They just assume I'm Ted Bundy mixed with Mister Bean. I dunno if telling them the more revealing stuff will help. I dunno if I can keep silent either.

And for yahweh's sake please don't say fuck them move out, I can't fuck them cuz incest is weird and I need to keep the same address for the next 6 months. They also aren't understanding people that you can appeal to the better sense of, if they were I'd of tried by now (Clue: I have). I can really just either belt it all out and tell them the actual crazy stuff or shut up and deal with their petty crap until I can move somewhere. Either way my life's not gonna improve.

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Knats and Potato Chips
 Post subject: Re: Honest opinions here
PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:01 pm GMT 
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My time on here is choppy, and I cannot speak to all of your situation for I know little of you and your life.

I can say, with certainty , I understand. Your facing a brick wall, grappling with the bulls horns, and you've hit a turning point. However, I can't tell you which way to turn. No one,not even your pysch can. Just do what will keep you comfortable, and close to content. I gave up long ago to explain to my family, perhaps this is what you have to do. Turn your back, accept the blows, and remind yourself what they think, what they say, doesn't matter. You matter.Your happiness matters-and you control that. You control yourself,your thoughts, everything that is you. No person, not even family, can tamper with that if you don't let them. Or, you can try to explain everything. Perhaps this is caused by ignorance to what you are going through. I would try, if you think you should, but go about it calmly and si.ply. Gritty details won't help, keep it light as possible. Normalize it, talk about it in snippits and make it apart of life, rather then obtuse circumstance.

Remember you're stuff with yourself forever, but they only have to be around for another six months.

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The Blessed Blue Saint
 Post subject: Re: Honest opinions here
PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:24 pm GMT 
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Communication is the bases of all solution. Any solution made will not be made without communication. the way you communicate is entirely your decision, if communication cannot be established, the ordeal will become more and more unhealthy. until either the lack of communication brings you to another issue, or you must remove yourself for fear of greater damage to yourself. yourself being the first priority, of course.

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