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 Post subject: Forum Rules **Please read**
PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 7:33 pm GMT 
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If you're new in the neighborhood, kindly read over these simple rules.

1. Honor among Thieves ...or simple civility, as it were.
-Deal with disagreements like an even-tempered adult (even if you aren’t one).
-I suspect you don’t speak to your friends and acquaintances through a megaphone so, likewise, please don’t post in all CAPS.
-You can cuss and you can swear, but there’s no need to spout off like an arthritic longshoreman. Cursing is more effective when used sparingly, anyway.
-If you mean to discuss something of an adult nature, include the word ADULT in your forum topic title.
-Most of all, simply practice some common courtesy. Even the most despicable mugs can at least pretend to be polite.

2. Flaming.
Discussion of controversial topics is fine, even heated debates are permissible in the Rants section. Keep arguments about the topic at hand, though. Do not turn them into personal attacks or name calling matches. Posts attacking specific forum members will be removed. If you have a personal complaint about someone, it’s best dealt with by PMing me (Tracy) or a forum moderator.

3. Copyrights.
Please respect them. Artwork, photos, video, written material, and music produced by another person are legally copyrighted whether there’s a copyright symbol affixed to the work or not. You can feel free to link to any of the above mentioned things, but do not post someone else’s work here directly without their permission.

4. Avatars.
Relating also to copyright law, do not use someone else’s artwork to create avatars and banners without their permission. Using your own artwork is fine, of course. Any of my artwork is also fair game. There are countless public domain images to be found on the internet which can be used for avatar creation as well.

5. Spam.
This forum is not for commercial advertisement. Repetition ad nauseam and posts which clearly exist for the sole sake of being obnoxious will be considered spam as well. All such posts will simply be removed and repeat spammers will be banned.

6. Critiques
Criticisms can easily be misconstrued as insults so please exercise some tact when commenting on a forum member’s work (be it art, writing, music, or what-have-you). Remember that criticism is meant to be constructive and not desultory.
If you do not wish to receive criticism on the work you display here, you can make note of your preference when you post. (Keep in mind, though, this doesn’t guarantee you won’t receive any critical comments.)


1. Fan Fiction and Character Creation.
I have no intention whatsoever of using role-play characters, fan characters or storylines invented by forum members within the context of Lackadaisy. However, there is always the risk that something I write or a character I create for the comic will bear some unintentional resemblance to something someone has posted here. This makes encouraging role-play something of a liability on my part. In an effort to avoid intellectual property disputes, I will state up front that any resemblances between the comic and material appearing in the forum, should they occur, are purely coincidental.

2. Banning.
I aim to keep the moderation of this forum as fair as possible, I am not a reactionary, and I can be reasoned with. However, it’s important to note that I will do what it takes to avoid unnecessary disruption and, based on this, banning will occur at my discretion.

And as long as we're all clear on these few things, we shouldn't have to take anyone out for a midnight drive into the cornfields. :D


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